I Love My Hair Courtesy of Sesame Street

Hair.  How is it that those strands of protein can cause so much angst? Especially for black women.  Seriously, I wish they’d had videos like that when I was a kid.  Do you know how many young black girls might have embraced instead of rejecting their hair?

Last year I decided to go “natural” and stop chemically straightening my hair.  That was a big step for me, I’d been straightening my hair since my mom first gave me the go~ahead at 13 or 14.  I didn’t need to but I wanted to because my sisters were doing theirs.

Anyway, I loved my natural hair ~ even when it didn’t do everything that I wanted it to do.  But just discovering what my natural curls looked and felt like was an amazing thing.  I enjoyed being able to wash my hair and go.  Do you know how much time I gained by not having to worry about blow drying and flat ironing?

A few months ago, I found out that my husband wasn’t a big fan of the natural hair look so I made the decision to go back to relaxing my hair.  I have mixed feelings about going back to the “creamy  crack” but, for right now, this is one of those compromises that one makes in marriage.  For a year I had the chance to see my natural self and to gain a confidence that I never knew that I had.  Maybe someday I’ll go back to my natural self, until then I’m going to strut my stuff and love my hair in all of its states!

  • Impact

    Thanks for the video. It is quite funny but frankly speaking I loved the song and that sweet animated character. It is small but well expressed. Thanks once again.

  • Lua

    I didn’t start relaxing until 15 or so because my mom was totally against it and in a way I thank her. I’ve done so much damage to my hair trying to create some sort of ‘ideal’ where I can wear it curly or straight easily but ehh…it’s just not in the cards! LOL I have thought one way to keep my hair natural & not relax would be sewn in extensions. I’m still contemplating, what do you think?
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    • Daenel

      Lua, I sincerely wish that I hadn’t started relaxing my hair. I really didn’t need to, I just wanted to do it because my sisters were doing it. My sisters both have long incredibly long and thick hair. I just remember growing up with the idea that “straight hair” was “good hair” and mine was just curly but not what was considered “bad hair.”

      My oldest daughter (17) loves using extensions and hair pieces for flexibility! She does it herself. I’ve had cornrows but never a weave. My thing with hair is that it’s yours (even if you paid for it), so embrace it, be comfortable and, most of all, know that you’re a beautiful woman.

      • Lua

        Oh yes definitely mine if I paid for it. LOL I figured my hair will stay safe and braided up for a few months with sewn-in. It’ll be a new thing for me. I love clip-ins! Very awesome!
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        • Daenel

          LOL I think sewing it in will keep your natural hair safe. When my daughter sews in the extensions her natural hair gets a break from the constant combing and breaking. She usually uses the clip~ins for the front when she wants long bangs.

  • I saw that clip on Sesame Street – and thought it was great! And, IMHO – I love the naturally curly hair look. My roommate back in college had a cut similar to yours, and it always looks great when she let it go natural 🙂
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    • Daenel

      When I see girls with their naturally curly hair, I get so jealous. LOL I love it too but, you know, had to do that compromise thing. 🙂

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