Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

I’m So Honored and I’m Passing It On

Versatile Blogger AwardWow, so this has been a weekend full of honors and, boy, did I need it!  First, I find out that I’ve received an award from Mrs. TDJ at  Just Another Day with Mrs TDJ.  If you haven’t read her blog, please do.  She’ll have you rolling, especially with this post.  Then Planet Mom posted a picture of me on their website wearing one of their t~shirts. Suh~weet.

Anywhoo, this is the first time I’ve ever received a blogging award and I just want to say that it feels good to be recognized by a fellow blogger.  Ooooh, did that sound all Hollywood?  I just wanna say to Mrs. TDJ, thank you, girl, I appreciate the love.

So according to the rules I’m supposed to tell you seven random facts about myself and then pass the award on to fifteen fellow bloggers.  Yeah, I’m letting you  know now I’m only doing seven bloggers because, well, I like a 7/7 balance.  Now, let’s do this:

7 Random Facts About Me

1.  I have a twin sister who is 45 minutes older than I am.  Growing up, I used to say that if we weren’t sisters we wouldn’t have liked each other.  Now that we’re adults, we’re incredibly close.  I knew she was pregnant with her second child before she did. And I knew the exact moment that she gave birth to her first son, even though I was in Korea and she was in Tennessee when he was born.

2.  Related to #1, I have a set of twins who are 10 minutes apart.  We found out about the twins 9 days before they were born. Obviously, twins run in my family.  The doctor measured my belly and said “Hmmm, you’re measuring large, let’s do an ultrasound.” The only ultrasound that I’d had to that point was for pregnancy confirmation.  The next thing we heard was “We don’t deliver twins here, you’ll have to go to Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas.”  We had to drive from Louisiana to Mississippi to drop the 2~year~old off at my mother’s and then to Texas for me to have the babies.  I had contractions the entire trip.

3.  I love to car dance.  I mean, I can totally break it down in the car but I’m scared to death to dance in front of people.  When anything by Motown comes on, I turn the radio up and embarrass the heck out of my kids.  And, chil’, don’t let Donna Summer come on ~ not only do I dance but I sing too!

4.  When I first married my husband I couldn’t cook to save my life.  Boiling water proved difficult for me.  Now I cook most of our meals from scratch.  I’m talking about grating my own cheeses for sauces, growing my own herbs in the backyard, everything.  My parents and sisters are always amazed to find out what I’ve made because growing up I only stayed in the kitchen long enough to grab a bite to eat.

5.  When I was a kid I wanted to be the black Barbara Walters. Seriously.  In fact, when a friend of mine from high school contacted me he actually said “You’re still in the States?  I thought for sure you’d be interviewing bushmen in the middle of some coup somewhere.”  I became a librarian instead.

6.  I’m deathly afraid of  birds.  One flew into the house a couple of weeks ago while my husband was away and I totally freaked out.  I hid in my bedroom and refused to open the door for the dog.  It could have been the bird trying to trick me, it happens.  I ended up calling my son to come home from his grandma’s to get the bird out of the house.  After he teased me mercilessly and posted about it on Facebook, he agreed to come home and catch it for me.  A few weeks later, the neighborhood cat left a headless bird on my back porch. Yeah, I know.

7.  My favorite pen is the Pilot Precise V5.  I buy them in bulk.  They have the sharpest, most precise point and the ink flows perfectly without ever skipping.  Honestly, I’ve used these pens since I was in high school.  So if any Pilot Precise V5 people stumble across this blog and you wanna send me some pens, I’ll take ’em.

Now for the Awardees (in alphabetical order because I don’t want to show favoritism)…

Adventures with Three Girls ~ Jessica Anne writes about her life with three girls and the funny (and sometimes disgusting) things they do

Coastal Chick ~ Because the chick who said “Life’s a beach” never walked in my flip flops

Makes Me Wanna Holler ~ A man, father and husband who writes about all of that and the stuff in between

Mocha Dad ~ The musings of a harried dad in his quest to raise three kids (also follow him on Twitter, he’s a riot)

The Mom Renewal Project ~ A group of mom bloggers write inspirational posts that encourage moms to take time for themselves so that they are healthier and happier

My Cup 2 Yours ~ Genny writes inspirational posts that will touch your heart

Talking with Tami ~ this girl is crazy, she’ll have you laughing

If you get a chance, go visit their blogs and leave them some comment love!

For those of you that I read regularly but did not link to, it’s not because I don’t heart you it’s because I’ve linked to your blogs at various times in other posts and I just wanted to give some of my other bloggy buddies some love.

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