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A few days ago, I created a Twitter account for the library and then went about promoting it e.g. putting up signage, linking to the account from the library’s homepage, etc. but then I overheard some students talking…

Student 1:  “I have a Twitter account but I don’t use it.  I don’t think I’ve checked it in about a year.”

Student 2:  “I use Twitter sometimes, but I like Facebook more.  I’d probably follow the library if it was on Facebook.”

That little snippet of conversation told me 2 things:

  1. I’m incredibly nosy
  2. In order to connect with the students, we need to find out where they are

And our students are on Facebook.

Fortunately, the director and I had already discussed creating a Facebook page for the library, so it was just a matter of making it happen.  So that’s what I did.

As with creating an institutional account for Twitter, creating a Facebook page for a library is very different from creating a personal account.  First of all, I didn’t realize that you already have to have a personal account or be prepared to set one up prior to setting up the page.

Setting up the page was relatively easy, I simply had to decide what information we wanted posted and where we wanted to put it.  Now it’s just a matter of promotion and getting our students, faculty, staff and community members to like us.

How do you go about encouraging people to like your library on Facebook? For those of you who don’t work at a library, do you interact with your library on Facebook?  Why or why not?

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  • Hmm, never thought about interacting with my local library on Facebook. I guess my question would be – what for? *lol* Not trying to be funny, just honestly curious. I interact with mostly friends and family, and have only “liked” or become “fans” of a few brands and stores that I like in order to receive special discounts and coupons. What benefit would “liking” the library bring me? Again, not trying to be an azz, but very interested in hearing your opinion and what you are trying to achieve.
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    • Daenel

      Libraries are always looking for ways to interact with their patrons and introduce them to the services that we offer. Our library, specifically, serves more than just the college community, we are a hub for the public library too (we’re in a rural area), so it’s important that we find a way to connect to everyone and let them know when we have new books, movies, etc. Also it’s a way to let people know about events that are taking place in the library as well as on campus. And, perhaps, most importantly, it’s a way for our patrons to let us know what they need/want and how we can provide those services to them.

      Thank you for asking the questions, it helps to verbalize what we’re hoping to accomplish, so ask away…

      • I should have know that my sister wouldn’t take my comments the wrong way. =) Thanks for clarifying. Hmm, ok, now that you’ve stated your position and I’ve had more time to think about it, I could see a few benefits. The event notification feature is definitely a plus.
        Are you thinking that the experience will be interactive? I’m thinking that if I did “like” the library site, I would read and use the info that you provided, but not really post messages or make the relationship two-sided. Perhaps that’s not your intention, which is cool. But if it is, what steps will you take to engage the fans/likers?
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