Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

March Photo~A~Day {This or That Thursday}

Longest week. Ever. My kid is still away from the nest so I’m on pins and needles until she returns. You know how it is when it’s your kids first time away from homeAnd if you don’t know, trust me, it’ll happen. Thankfully, I have the antics of my other kids to keep me laughing. And, of course, the hubs is here to talk me off the ledge. But, mostly, I’ve been relying on various photography challenges to keep my mind occupied. It’s a good thing I’m distracted by shiny…

March Photo~A~Day {This or That Thursday}
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These are my photos from 8~14 March. The prompts were:

  1. Window ~ the hubs calls that “Dani thinking about her man” Ahem
  2. Red ~ I wore red pumps in honor of women and girls who’re living with HIV/AIDs as part of the Red Pump Project
  3. Loud ~ I was listening to some music on the iPad when the hubs “kindly” suggested that I use some ear buds
  4. Someone You Talked to Today ~ My daughter provoking the dog, between the giggles, I promise I was telling her to stop
  5. Fork ~ Ummmm, it’s a fork
  6. A Sign ~ That is a real sign outside of a real church
  7. Clouds ~ Storm clouds rising…

Are you participating? Leave a comment below so I can check out your submissions.

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Have a great week!