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Black Batwing Sweater Denim Maxi and Black Boots {Living Outside the Stacks} If you’ll remember, last week I wrote about how my daughter said that my style can best be described as Mori Kei and I said “Sometimes.” Well, this is why. In my heart of hearts, I’m a hippie. I remember telling my mom that I was born in the wrong decade, she totally should have had me earlier. Black Batwing Sweater Denim Maxi and Black Boots {Living Outside the Stacks} I wore this outfit to work and, honest to goodness, I kept waiting for a student to shush me because of all the jingling. For those of you who don’t know, I’m librarian. Obviously, I don’t work on the quiet floor. Arm Candy {Living Outside the Stacks} I love bracelets, in fact, they’re probably the only pieces of jewelry that I wear on a consistent basis {besides my wedding set}. I like the way they feel and look in my morning picturesA little note about the watch, I’m notorious for forgetting to replace the batteries, so when they die, I set my watch to 1 o’clockthe time The Hubs and I were married. As for the Fitbit, it’s not pretty but it’s functional. And, as much as I like to preach fashion over function, sometimes you just have to deal… Black Batwing Sweater Denim Maxi and Black Boots {Living Outside the Stacks} So, yeah, I was also having a particularly good great hair day. I’m in the process of transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair {again}, so all fabulous hair days must be documented and celebrated. So WOO HOO!

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  • Ha, I didn’t even recognize the FitBit… it blends in with everything else!

  • I love your totally boho vibe, I really WISH I could channel more of my inner hippie into my wardrobe. You look great and thank you for joining #reasonstodress

    Angie from reasons to dress,
    fashion, travel and life as a mom in Italy.

  • Dawn Lucy

    What a fab look and I’m a hippie at heart too! Love your vibe and you’re totally invited to my Friday link up party, Fun Fashion Friday!


    Dawn Lucy

    • Thank you, Dawn Lucy! I’d love to link up, can you reply with the name of your blog? Thank you!!

  • Glenda Harrison

    You look so yourself in these pics. The outfit just resonates with your spirit. Funny, I don’t personally know you, but I feel like your exact vibe was captured.

    • This is me! LOL I do try to change it up a bit but I think it shows when I’m not comfortable with what I’m wearing. I’ll try business casual – slacks and a button up, but I spend the whole day futzing about. Not a good look on anyone. I’m learning, slowly but surely, to be comfortable in my skin and in my clothes.

  • I am so loving your blouse – perfect background for your gorgeous jewelry! Your hair looks so pretty. Isn’t a great hair day just the best?!

    • Thank you! I saw the blouse at TJ Maxx and walked around with it for a few minutes, left, and came back two days later for it. Yeah, I *really* wanted it.

  • Don

    “I kept waiting for a student to shush me because of all the jingling.”

    So funny.

    Speaking of librarian and your overall peaceful/quiet nature, I’m still amazed that you drive a Hummer. That absolutely blew my mind. So cool.

    • LOL Everyone has that reaction to the Hummer. When I told The Hubs that I wanted one, he was floored. And, honestly, I was kidding until I got behind the wheel. Love at first turn of the engine.

  • Gail

    Love your style. I too am a bit of a hippie and like to rock some boho.

    • Thank you, Gail. I think this is one of the easier styles for me to wear.

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