Mod Paisley Print Blouse {In the Closet}

Hi, all! Can you believe today is 1 May? Seriously, where has the time gone? Not that I’m complaining or anything because I’m really looking forward to some warm{er} weather. Although I have the sneaking suspicion that Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick on me because whenever we have nice weather I have meetings that keep me in doors all day but on weekends and days when I don’t have meetings not only does it pour down rain but it’s absolutely positively freezing as well. kicks rocks

Paisley Top, Jeans, and Mary Janes {Living Outside the Stacks}

On this particular day, I had several meetings, so, of course, the sun was sitting waaay up in the sky waving at me. I decided if I couldn’t go outside and enjoy the sun, I’d bring it inside with me the best I could, with this beautiful yellow paisley scarf top. I like that the print is kinda 60’s mod and that the shape hides all the stuff I didn’t feel like tucking into my jeans.

Paisley Top, Jeans, and Mary Janes {Living Outside the Stacks}

My inspiration was this outfit that I pinned from Suzanne Carillo Style Files. I just thought she looked so cute and chic with her kitten heels and clutch. Just adorbs!

Paisley Top, Jeans, and Mary Janes {Living Outside the Stacks}

Last week, I posted that my jeans came from Walmart and that seemed to spark some interest. Here’s the thing, as much as I like clothes and shoes, I like bags even more, so that’s where I spend my money. My interests change way too often. For months I’ll be obsessed with handbags, so I’ll save my money so that I can buy several designer ones. Then I’ll see a pair of shoes that I love and it’ll start a shoe thing. Next I’ll zoom in on skirts or blouses and the cycle begins again.

What’s your fashion obsession?

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