Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Monday Mingle: God Bless America and Protect Our Troops

Last night while driving home, I was listening to an interview about it being Holocaust Remembrance Day when the news broke that President Obama would be making a statement.  It was roughly 10:15 PM.    By 10:45 I had confirmed via Twitter that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  Within minutes of the confirmation, I started to see celebrations erupting across the various social media platforms, many of them displaying gratitude that justice had been served but some of the celebratory comments were downright mean spirited (some were directed at the current president, some at former President Bush and most towards Bin Laden).

While I understand the celebratory reaction (and I have to admit to relishing a bit in Bin Laden’s death), some of the comments gave me pause.  Do we really want to be a nation that rejoices over the death of someone, even someone as evil as Bin Laden?  I remember seeing the celebratory pictures coming from parts of the Middle East on September 11th and how disgusted I was with the people.  How do you celebrate the senseless murder of thousands of people?  While this wasn’t a senseless murder, I mean, gosh, no one deserved the death penalty more than Bin Laden, but do we really want to be remembered for partying over this man’s death?

What do you think?  Did the celebrations go too far or are they justified?

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This week we’re free~stylin’ it!

Next week’s questions are:
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