Monday Mingle: Jackpots, Nuts and Surgery

Monday Mingle is hosted by Eighty MPH Mom. If you’d like to participate, simply create a short vlog in which you answer the questions and then hit up the linky. Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave some comment love for your fellow participants. Afterall, isn’t that what mingling is all about?

This week’s questions are “the random three”:

1. Ever hit a jackpot on a slot machine?
2. Whose side of the family is the nuttiest ~ yours or your spouse’s?
3. Would you have plastic surgery?

Click here to meet Droid, the new addition to the family.

Next week’s questions are answers.  Directions:  Use the answers below and record your Mingle with what you think the questions are:

1. Facebook ~ most definitely!
2. Probably when I was about three ~ cooking with my mom.
3. I would have to say the city/town of Petrolia, California.

This should be interesting

  • Alyna @ Better Your Blog

    LOL! Wait, doesn’t she have to cook like a chef since they are probably hungry after swimming all day?!? She’s just trying to make sure they are well fed so that they are content to leave her alone the rest of the day. 🙂 (P.S. Can she use another grandchild? She can adopt me and I’ll help with the dishes for some yummy food and a pool!) Man, you are going to have some spoiled kids by the end of the summer! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    DO the LASIK! Just be sure to go to the best doctor. Really. Great doctors=great results. I had PRK (almost exactly like LASIK but my corneas were too steep to ensure good results with LASIK – the flap might not have healed properly or some such thing so PRK scrapes away the top layer of cells instead of cutting a flap. I never thought I could trust that nothing could go wrong but, if you find the right doctor you feel so safe, and rightly so. Also, make sure to got to someone that uses the most up to date methods (like Wavefront technology). Heck, just come to Boston and have it done! My doctor wrote a book on it, teaches, has been rated “Best” all over the place and has created some of the instruments other surgeons use. He also does all the pilots for the airforce or something like that. Basically, credentials up the wazoo. Oh, and I couldn’t see the chart let alone letters on the chart so I know what you mean about not being able to see two inches in front of your face. 😉

    Oh, and the whispering, so funny!

    Hope your weekend is spectacular!
    ~ Alyna
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    • Daenel

      Alyna, you should definitely be your doctor’s PR person! I remember about 13 years ago I met a pilot who had Lasik or something and I remember thinking he was so brave. You’d think that I would jump in now that it’s been around a while. I’ve been examined and told that I probably won’t get to 20/20 but I’d be better than I am now. Just scared. Honestly, I worry about sneezes, flies, weird stuff. LOL My hubs is like “Do it already. Sheesh….”

      My mother~in~law is a nut but she’s harmless. She just really loves the kids a lot. I’m happy to have her though. She had breast cancer and ever since she’s been kinda mopey but when the kids are around she comes to life. So we all benefit. She gets energy, I get free time.

      Hope your weekend leads to a fabulous week.

      • Alyna @ Better Your Blog

        Lol! He’s so good I wouldn’t mind that job! 😉 You don’t have to wprry about sneezes or flies. The room will be so clean you could lick the floor. Really. They make you wear booties and a surgical cap and all because, well, they want everything sterile. The give you some relaxant to make sure YOU don’t do anything stupid, like sneeze!, and then they carefully set up all the machinery to do it’s thing. An machines don’t sneeze. I’ll come hold your hand! You’ll enjoy your beach vacation more if you can see in the water.

        Kids must be to grandmothers what animals are to me! I need a pick me up – just look at a picture of a cute animal or snuggle my pup or both. 🙂
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        • Daenel

          LOL @ You could lick the floor. You are too funny.

          I like animals too but our crazy dog is not the snuggle type. He’s so hyper. He’s Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix. I know, girl, I know. 🙂

  • Hey Daenel!

    Okay, first – I have a Droid, and lurrrrrrve it! I don’t know why you are having problems!? Have you taken it in to the service department? They are great – I’ve dropped my phone twice(big fall, I’m a klutz….) and they have either fixed it or replaced it both times. My email (all 3 accounts), facebook, twitter, etc all work seamlessly.

    On the the plastic surgery – I didn’t really think about what I might want after/if I get skinny. That might require putting things back where they belong, for sure! 😉
    LastMinuteMandy recently posted…Id rather be mingling 7-12My Profile

    • Daenel

      Hey lady! LOL I love that “putting things back where they belong…” Girl, after 4 kids I can just barely remember where things used to be.

      I am starting to like my Droid now. I think it was just that I needed to get used to it, ya know? With all of my other phones I was able to just jump right in there and use it but with this I had to adjust and play around with the apps…. But thank you for offering words of support and glad to know that the service department is helpful. I can be a bit of a klutz too.

  • Hi Daenel!!!
    Ya for doing nothing, I like those days!
    I don’t gamble either, I’m willing to not win big in order to not waste money.
    I love your sign, it looks great up there too.
    Awe, I’m SO blind too, I would love Lasix!

    btw, Hi to droid!
    ha! {i don’t have one, but I like the ‘parenting tips’ hee}

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    • Daenel

      Hey lady, aren’t lazy days wonderful? I love that sign, it describes my family perfectly. Maybe you and I should go in on a Lasik deal together ~ we can make sure the doctor doesn’t sneeze during the procedure. LOL

      Droid says hi! LOL

  • I love your sign abou fudge and nuts..I need one of those I think!
    Crazy nutty family…In my family it’s me!
    Have a great week AND good luck firguring out your droid!
    one cluttered brain recently posted…Two for one- Oh me- oh my-My Profile

    • Daenel

      Isn’t that a funny sign? When I saw it at the store I had to have it. LOL Have a great week. Oh, and I love the Droid now. LOL

  • Hi!

    I’m glad you didn’t get carried away by those wasps. It is so frustrating to start recording again and again. I don’t do it anymore – I just go with whatever happens (probably why I do something goofy most of the time!).

    Love your fancy phone!

    You DO have to play to win. Come with me – I’ll show you how : )

    Individual meals for each kid? Ummm I don’t think so.

    Love your sign – isn’t that the truth? You are too funny with your whispering. I won’t say a word : )

    OH – I had Lasik!!! It is awesome – that is definitely something you should do. I think that’s much better than plastic surgery. Life is just so much easier without glasses/contacts. Sneezes LOL – I hadn’t thought of that!! I get such a kick out of you!

    Thanks for mingling!
    Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom recently posted…More Step into Summer winners-My Profile

    • Daenel

      Hi Jennifer, girl, I have the hardest time with flying things. A few weeks ago there was a bird in the house and I had to call my son from his grandma’s to get it out. I’m deathly afraid of birds. Trauma from living in Italy. LOL

      Added to the bucket list ~ a trip to the casino with you.

      I am so paranoid, I think of all sorts of weird things before surgery. LOL I’m the one who has that 1 in 99% chance of things happening to. With the twins, we found out 9 days before they were born that we were having twins. A few months ago I temporarily went blind in my right eye. So a sneeze would happen.

  • Thanks for swinging by nice vlog, I lik eyour kitchen and where did you get that flower bracelet!!!!
    Yeah the girls are a much talked about topic LOL
    I think it is ok to say his family is the nuttiest I won’t tell.

    • Daenel

      Hi Brandy, thank you. I just repainted it last year. I go through these psycho decorating phases and small, weekend projects become week long events. The bracelet is from a store up here in Pennsylvania called the Bare Accessories. They have all sorts of cute accessories. It’s located at the Shoppes at Montage.

  • Hope you feel better, Ive had those type of days too.
    Tami recently posted…Getting to know you-My Profile

    • Daenel

      I was just having an off morning, but things are much better now. Thank you for stopping by.

  • Hm, I’ve been seriously thinking about getting a Droid, so I wil have to read your post below. Cooking individual meals for each kid IS totally nutty. No way would I do that. I guess that’s what grandma’s are for? 🙂
    MainlineMom recently posted…Movies and MarriageMy Profile

    • Daenel

      Hey, lady. I actually like the Droid a lot more than I did yesterday and the day before. I’m just not used to having to learn how to use a phone. With all my other phones, it was easy to use right off but now that I know a few tricks, I’m pretty happy. If you get one, let me know what you think.

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