Multicolored Horses and a Giveaway {In the Closet}

Target Black Cardigan Horse Print Dress and QVC Wine Shooties {Living Outside the Stacks}

Happy Wednesday! How’re you doing? I’m doing so much better this week than I was last week. The sun has been out and the temps have been near 60º. It’s like a heat wave! I know, so why didn’t I take my pictures outside? Because, well, it wasn’t that warm on the day I wore this outfit.

Target Black Cardigan Horse Print Dress and QVC Wine Shooties {Living Outside the Stacks}

I have a love~hate relationship with this dress. I absolutely adore it because the hubs picked it out for me. And if you’ve ever met him, you’ll know that he’s a strict black, white, and khaki kinda guy, so picking out a navy dress with multicolored horses on it? Just beyond! But I also hate it because part of me feels like I’m way too old to wear novelty prints. Especially novelty prints on a short{er} dress.

Target Black Cardigan Horse Print Dress and QVC Wine Shooties {Living Outside the Stacks}

I think the tights help to extend the length just enough that I won’t cause a scandal and the shooties {don’t you love that word?} keep me from looking like I’m trying too hard. I grew up in the age of “the higher the hem, the lower the heel.” And I still abide by that rule.

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Do you ever feel conflicted over hemlines? How do you deal?

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Daenel T

  • All the time! If I think a dress is too short, I call it a top and wear it over ponte leather leggings or coloured opaque tights or skinny jeans. Full skirts that are a bit short or a looser kaftan or shift dress style I wear over a longer bodycon slip, almost like a peplum. I also have a couple of vintage tulle petticoats that are on-the-knee length which look adorable popping out of the bottom of too short full skirts.

    Love this dress on you. However, if it was novelty print, short and tight with boobage on display and worn without tights, then I’d agree. However, like this, it’s adorable!

    Thank you for horsing around with me for Wardrobe Wednesday! x

    • I never thought of pairing the dress or any dress with leather. Love that idea. Now, I’ll wear a dress over jeans in a heartbeat, carryover from my not so distant hippie days.

      Thank you for the tip. Ps I love your way with words. They make me laugh.

  • Sandra

    I think that I gave up novelty prints a decade or so ago and I’m over 45. But this works because everything else is a solid color and it’s navy so it doesn’t jump out at you.

    • Sandra, I think the navy background is the only reason I thought I could pull it off. Had the dress been a bold color, I would’ve told the hubs absolutely not.

  • HollyM

    Okay, so it isn’t haute couture. (Most of which is scary stuff.) It is cute, you look about 30 in it, and who the heck wants to dress their age? My momma didn’t look this good at 54. I think I’ll keep dressing “young”.

    • Holly, I remember how women my age used to dress back in the day… It was as if the clothing industry wanted them to give up and disappear. I’m so glad things have changed.

  • Shon

    This is gorgeous on. I love the hemline where it is. I think of proportion and since you are covered up top, the hemline is flattering. You look great and your hubby has good taste!

    • Thank you, Shon. I think the tights, flat shoes, and upper level coverage helped too. Really, this getting older thing isn’t for the weak. 😉

  • I love that dress. Novelty prints are super fun, but I do know what you mean… I wore more of them in my early 20s versus now. I think your dress is perfectly mature, though! You look gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Katie. I always bounce back and forth. Part of me says own it, the other part of me says don’t be *that* lady.

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