Mustard Cardi and Vintage Floral Top {In the Closet}

The struggle is real, y’all. For the last year or so  I’ve been obsessed with searching for a mustard cardi.  I’ve been pinning outfits with mustard cardis, combing through online shops, driving all across the State {OK, maybe I haven’t gone quite that far but close enough}, and, finally, I have one. It’s not quite as mustard/gold as I wanted, nor is it as dressy as I want it, but it’ll do. For now.

Mustard Cardi Floral Blouse and Flare Leg Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

This is the last week before school begins for the Fall Semester and everyone is feeling the pressure. Some of the students have started to come back on campus. Parents are ducking in and out of offices, trying to make sure their kids’ Financial Aid Packets have come through. And we are straddling that line between Summer wear and business casual.

Mustard Cardi Floral Blouse and Flare Leg Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

That blouse is one of my new favorite thrifting finds. In fact, I like it so much that I bought two of them. I know, right? Two of the same tops at the thrift store? The one I’m wearing is cream with vintage wash flowers and the other is white with the same vintage wash flowers. Usually, when I go thrifting it’s with $20 in hand and that’s all I allow myself to spend. Sometimes I hit the jackpot, other times it’s a bust.

Mustard Cardi Floral Blouse and Flare Leg Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

I make the oddest expressions… I don’t know if I need a handheld remote or one of those little puppets above my camera to look at, but goodness knows I need something.

What do you think about when you’re taking your pictures?

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  • i have been looking for the perfect mustard cardi for ever, and there you are in it, haha! lovely casual outfit, the blouse and necklace are super pretty!Thanks for joining passion for fashion last week, hope you’ll join us again today! :)xx

  • I don’t believe that I have any mustard in my wardrobe.

    When I take selfies……and I don’t take many; I’m just trying to make sure that I don’t have any boogies in my nose.

  • I think about whether my eyes or mouth will look weird because 8 times out of 10 it does. I always end up laughing at myself when I see it. 🙂 I’m glad you were able to find the sweater. Since more pieces for Fall are becoming available, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one soon.

    • My daughter told me to give up. I’m not a quitter. LOL but Fall cannot come soon enough for me. Boots, tights, and cardis. Yay!

  • Shon

    Ha ha..I am laughing at Chandra’s first sentence and thinking the same thing.
    I love your cardigan and it seems to be a hot topic on the link ups today:Mustard Yellow!! I love the photo of you without your glasses too…gorgeous either way.

    Happy Back to School

    • Chandra is so funny. I’ve been seeing mustard cardis everywhere, they’re a perfect neutral… Maybe that’s why they’re so hard to find?

  • a stylish little lady

    i’m usually thinking…hurry up and snap already! not a fan of taking selfies. i’m happy your search has temporarily ended…just glad you did not have to cross state lines! …love this outfit, perfect for back to school.

    • LOL That would’ve been next. Taking selfies is so hard. I read tips and tricks but they don’t seem to work for me.

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