Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Nook App for Android is the Best Thing Since the Printing Press

Nook for AndroidSometimes I can be incredibly quick to adopt new technologies (I usually upgrade my phone every time one of our phones comes due, we have 6 for me to choose from) or I’m an incredibly late adopter (Witness my newly found adoration for the Nook app for the Android).  I seem to never be able to find a happy medium…

When I was a junior high school student in Italy, our Business Ed teacher, Mr. Engbrecht, came into the class all excited and told me about a new piece of technology he wanted me to write about for the school newspaper, I took one look at that monstrosity of machinery and said “You’re crazy, no one’s gonna have these things in their homes.”  It was a computer.  A computer about the size of a desk with a place for a telephone hook up so we could “talk” to students in our sister schools in the States.  Totally blew that prediction but I did call the whole Starbucks and global dominance thing ~ just ask my husband.  Almost twenty years later and I never leave home without my HP 210 Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers Limited Edition Netbook (which I love, love, love).

When librarians first started discussing eReaders and eBooks and their value to libraries, I remember turning up my nose and saying “Absolutely not!  I want to feel the pages beneath my finger tips.  I want to hear the book’s spine as it cracks open.  I want to smell the ink.”  I do tend to romanticize the book.  Seriously, I thought I’d never trade in my paper books for electronic versions.  Ummm, yeah, that is until I downloaded the Nook app for my Droid.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I heart this thing.  Granted, it’ll never replace “real” books but let me tell ya…

Last night I was in the bed and the husband was sleeping but I was wide awake looking for something to do that would cause minimal noise and disruption.  I’m trying to follow that whole be considerate of your spouse thing, you know, just ’cause I’m up doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be up. Anyway, I remembered that my sister had recommended that I read a book called The Help.  So I downloaded it onto the free Nook app for Droid and within a few minutes, I was reading.  I wasn’t disturbing the hubs, I didn’t need to turn on any lights, etc.  It was ah~mazing.  There I was snuggled in my bed with the pillow fluffed up under my head, reading a book.  On my phone.

Since then I’ve played with the reading pane and adjusted the page for easier reading for my aging eyes, but honestly I heart this app.  It’s convenient and I don’t have to find more space in my bag for a 400 and something page book.  I’ve also downloaded the Nook app to my netbook, so I can pick up my reading any time any place.  Suh~weet.

Nook for ANdroid QR CodeYou can download the free Nook app for the Android phone by clicking on the picture or scanning the QR Code to the right with the barcode scanner on your phone.  Haven’t downloaded that app?  Learn more about it here.

For more information about the Nook:

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Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post, nor is this blog/post endorsed by the companies mentioned.  I just really happen to love the Nook app for the Droid and thought I’d share.

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