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How excited are you for 2013? I have finally accepted that I’ll be turning the big Four~Oh in March. I had planned to do sort of a big lead up to my fortieth birthday until I realized a few days ago that I no longer have two years to plan this because March is just a couple of months away. Seriously, I thought I was 38. Isn’t it sad when you can fool yourself so completely? So I don’t know what I’m gonna do to mark this milestone birthday but I know it has to be big. If you have suggestions please leave them in the comments. I’m game for just about anything.

I’ve also decided to document my outfits on Flickr in a set called 52 Weeks of Style, you can check it out here.

What I Wore Sunday

My inspiration for this outfit was found on Pinterest, where else? I was attracted to the bold and unexpected use of color and thought I could replicate it with items already in my closet.

Orange Cardi, White Button Down, Brown Skirt, Teal Tights, and Brown Booties {Living Outside</a srcset=

I wore this to church on Sunday and felt pretty comfortable. It was kind of drizzly outside, so I was certainly one of the more colorful parts of the day. smile I think that’s a good thing though. Who wants to blend in to a sea of blacks and browns? Not me.

Orange Cardi, White Button Down, Brown Skirt, Teal Tights, and Brown Booties {Living Outside</a srcset=

Notice that I’m wearing my cardi belted? Yeah, I kinda like that look. And because I don’t really have a defined waist, I think the belt helps me out a lot. It breaks up the line of color, so I think that’s a look I’m gonna keep up.

Orange Cardi, White Button Down, Brown Skirt, Teal Tights, and Brown Booties {Living Outside</a srcset=

The one change I would make to this outfit is that I’d leave the bottom two buttons on the white button down undone. I tend to do that with my cardis, so I’m not sure why I didn’t do it with the blouse. Other than that, I really felt comfortable and enjoyed my Pinterpretation.

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  • chandra

    I love tights and wear them all winter long! You look good in these so my vote is, get some more! Oh…and I want those shoes. That is all.

    • Thank you, Chandra. I heart those shoes but don’t wear them near enough, what is wrong with me?

  • julee @ D.I.Y. Louisville

    Looks great! I *love* the color of the tights!

    • Thank you, Julee. I was so not a colored tights girl until recently. Now I love love love tights.

  • What a good job of taking something from Pinterest and putting your own touches to make it reflect your personality! I like the color combo and wouldn’t have thought of it before seeing your outfit! Oh, and the 40th birthday thing…I had also forgotten how close I was to being 40 the year I really was 38 (I swore I was only 37 and got a calculator out to make sure!). I’ll be interested in seeing how you spend your 40th!

    • LOL At the calculator. Honestly, doesn’t it just sneak up on you?

      I thought the color combo was a bit funky, different and fun, so I had to give it a whirl. And I do like it.

  • Tonya@Momma’s Sunshine

    and thanks for stopping by!

  • Tonya

    cute outfit! love the color combo! and that is good to know about the belt defining the waistline! 🙂

    • Thank you, Tonya. I never notice how much of a difference a belt makes until I see myself in pictures. And I think it helps a lot.

  • Gina Kleinworth

    Totally rockin’ it my friend! You look AWESOME!

  • I love this! Great personal style twist on the inspiration. Love the color combo. 🙂

    • Thank you, Amanda. I thought the color combo was kinda fun and different.

  • Create Hope Inspire: Miriam

    oh loving your printerpretation!! Love the teal with those adorable shoes and I so agree who wants to blend in. You always look so stylish! and exciting birthday milestone coming up! Thanks for being part of Wardrobe Weds this week and Happy New Year!

    • Thank you. I can barely believe I’m hitting the big 4~0. There are times when I feel like I’m barely out of my 20s. LOL

  • Kendra Pahukoa

    very cute! colorful tights are so fun and im loving the mixing of that teal with the orange. have a great day!

  • Floss

    You look great! I love the cardi – both the colour and the ruffles.

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