This is just a short little vlog about names and whether or not you like yours. Enjoy! Please feel free to join me on Facebook by clicking here. Or you can talk to me on Twitter by clicking here. Make sure you give me a shout out so I know […]

Do You Like Your Name? {Vlog}

As many of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while know, I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. Actually, struggling is really not an accurate description… I see pictures and I think I really need to do something. I do something for a week or so then […]

MapMyFITNESS Quaker Challenge {In the Gym}

Coffee Mug 17 comments
Today was crazy! I was getting out of the car at church and I heard a riiiip. Yep, my whole backside was exposed because I ripped my skirt. I mumbled a quick explanation to the minister and went back home. Fortunately, I was in the parking lot when it happened, […]

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Bricks 2 comments
This has been one beautiful weekend. The weather was gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that I conned talked the hubs into driving me down to the Water Front so I could take some pictures. I needed a landscape picture for 52 Weeks: 2012 Edition, so I pointed my camera at […]

Saturday at the Water Front

Calm {Poetic Winter Photography Challenge} 20 comments
A verse from one of my mother’s favorite songs. When I was little she used to sing it all the time.  How can you not find calm in the midst of such beautiful words? When I’m in need of peace and quiet, I often grab my camera and go to […]

Calm {Poetic Winter Photography Challenge}

Self Portrait 20 comments
Has this week flown by or what? I’m trying to remember what I could have done to make it go by so quickly but, yeah, I got nothing. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older and time flies… I’m finally starting to branch out and get a little more creative […]

Randomness {This or That Thursday}

Flowers with Psalms {Word Filled Wednesday} 12 comments
This past week and a half has been a tough one for me emotionally and spiritually. My sleep has been more fitful than usual and my waking hours have barely passed without me shedding more than a few tears. I’ve sent up the myriad questions to God about everything. Well, […]

He Keeps Me in Peace {Word Filled Wednesday}

The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips 4 comments
BOOK DESCRIPTION {FROM THE BOOK} Rozelle Quinn is so fair~skinned that she can pass for white. Yet everyone in her small Georgia town knows. Rozelle’s ten children {by ten different daddies} are mostly light too. They sleep on the floor in her drafty, rickety three~room shack and live in fear […]

The Darkest Child: A Novel by Delores Phillips {Book Review}

Nails to the Yeah 14 comments
When I was growing up, I was the family rebel. My only purpose in life was to exasperate my mother, shock my father and thrill my sisters. Some would say I suffered from “Middle Child Syndrome” ~ you know, stuck in the middle, always fighting for parental attention. Whatevs… I had […]

Breaking Curfew {Nails to the Yeah}