How Would You Wear This Poncho? 14
JOIN ME FOR SHOE STYLE SATURDAY THIS SATURDAY FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE Is it just me or is time flying by? I’m not talking about just the weeks or months, I’m talking about the entire year ~ where did it go? I’m not complaining though ’cause this means that I […]

What I Wore Wednesday #27

National Blog Posting Month 16
Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event. ~ Adrienne McDonnell {Guest Prompt} I took the registered letter from the mailman and opened the envelope, a sheet of neatly folded paper slipped to the floor. I picked it up and unfolded it: “Dear Mrs. […]

My Doctor Quit After Diagnosing Me with Cancer #NaBloPoMo

National Blog Posting Month 4
Making family time is important for me. How do you balance your children, relationship and work life? ~ Ricki Lake {Guest Prompt} I won’t lie, when we lived in Pennsylvania, finding balance was hard. Everyone was operating on their own schedules ~ the hubs was working overtime, the kids were […]

Finding Work ~ Life Balance, How We Did It #NaBloPoMo

National Blog Posting Month 7
I know I’ve talked about this before but I really enjoy taking pictures, so I’ve decided to post a picture of the day on Sundays for the month of November. Just random pictures of things that catch my eye during the week, nothing big and fancy, just random fun stuff. […]

Random Thoughts #NaBloPoMo

Driving Monkey 2
I have the sense of direction of a monkey in hurricane. But I haven’t always been this way. Years ago, I used to hop in my car, strap my then 6~month~old into her car seat and drive all over the South. And this was before cell phones and Mapquest. Before […]

We Ended Up in the Wrong State, But We Had ...

National Blog Posting Month 6
As a teenager, I used to love to write letters. My letters took days for me to write. I’d start them on Monday, finish them on Thursday and stick them in the mail on Friday. Yes, I really thought my friends cared that much about my ~ whoa, wait! I […]

When You are Writing, Do You Prefer to Use a ...

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge: Purple 17
Finally, we’re at my favorite color ~ PURPLE! I absolutely love purple from the deep vampy shades to the softest pastels. To me, it represents royalty, uniqueness, boldness and creativity. It is the color that represents everything that I believe God created me to be.   ABOUT THE SHADES OF […]

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge: Purple

National Blog Posting Month 9
I’m a dancer. Not to be mistaken for a person who has rhythm or fancy moves, mind you. But I’m a dancer. Every time I hear music, my feet start tapping, my shoulders start shaking and it’s all over but the hopping on the stage. Of course, I’d never dance […]

Can You Listen to Music and Write? #NaBloPoMo