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The other day I read a post on Bobbi’s blog, Librarian By Day, about a potential MLIS student who was looking for advice on whether or not she should go to library school and it got me to thinking about why I became a librarian and whether or not I’d […]

How I Became a Librarian

Target and Read to a Child
When I was a kid, my favorite place in the world was the library.  I would wander the shelves for hours until I discovered just the right book to take me away.  Usually it was one of the Nancy Drew Mysteries or, when I got a little older, something by […]

Target is Committed to Helping Kids Learn to Read

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I love makeup.  Specifically, I love Bare Escentuals makeup because it gives me a flawless face with natural coverage.  And don’t get me started on the glosses (my fave is a Buxom called “Dani” ~ a purply pink)…  Moving on, ’cause this isn’t a post about Bare Escentuals, but if […]

Makeup~Free Mondays

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I’ve worked in an academic setting for quite a while now and during the course of my years as an instructor and librarian, I’ve come across a variety of students ~ those who are in college to get an education, those who are in college because Mom and Dad said […]

My Wish for My Students

Do you remember that episode of “King of Queens” when Carrie and Doug lose Deacon and Kelly to another couple who has kids so they spend the entire episode trying to find a replacement couple?  Well, Tony and I have been trying to find that couple for years now. Ok, […]

Do You Have “Couple Friends”?

This afternoon as I was driving to work, I started scanning the radio for something to listen to.  Usually I listen to the oldies station (nothing like singing to the top of your lungs to Diana Ross and the Supremes) or I listen to talk radio (that means Rush Limbaugh […]

From Stepmother to Friend, It Can Happen

Daenel Behind the Book 6
Um, wow!  It takes a lot to make me blush but I have to say, the risqué photographs taken by Diesel in the Brooklyn Law School library are enough to make even this librarian’s bun get tight. The Brooklyn Law School library is reportedly upset about the pictures and the […]

Raunchy Diesel Ad Too Hot for the Brooklyn Law School ...

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Ok, maybe it’s not my job but I’m definitely packing on the pounds and they’re all settling right in my middle, which is not good for a variety of reasons.  Women who carry their weight around the middle increase their chances for many diseases including: gall bladder problems heart disease […]

My Job is Making Me Fat

Friday Five
The Friday Five is hosted by Kate’s Library and provides and opportunity for bloggers to share five interesting blog posts they’ve read during the week.  To play along, do the following: Pick up the meme’s badge here Tell us about the posts or articles you want to share Share the bloggy […]

The Friday Five