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Once upon a time, Miss 14 went through my blog and counted how many times I mentioned her and found her numbers to be woefully low. As a remedy, I suggested that she write a guest post about whatever struck her fancy. She took the challenge and has now written […]

Miss 14: The Year that Was and the Year to ...

Shoot. Edit. Submit. {Christmas Ornament} 15 comments
The final Christmas ornament of 2011. I hope your year has been as happy and blessed as mine has been and I pray continued blessings upon you and yours into the coming year… I’m linking up with Misty and Kim at Through A Photographer’s Eyes for Shoot. Edit. Submit. To […]

Christmas Ornament {Shoot. Edit. Submit.}

According to that sweet little widget on Goodreads, I met my goal of reading 12 books during the year 2011. Hmmmm…. that may have been my stated goal on Goodreads, but I didn’t come close to making my personal goal. But I will celebrate the small victories and aim to […]

2012 {To Be Read List}

Breakfast Cinnamon Buns 10 comments
When I was a little girl my mother used to surprise us with little breakfast treats. Sometimes it was cornbread pancakes. If you’ve never had them, for the love of all things good and delish, go buy yourself a box of Jiffy Cornbread mix and make some right now. Really, stop […]

Cinnamon Buns {This or That Thursday}

Socks 8 comments
Who was a photographic slacker this week? Looks around. I was. And to be honest, I didn’t do much in the way of getting dressed either. The hubs has been on vacation for the past week and a half (this is his first vacation in over 13 years), so the […]

What I Wore Wednesday #31

Branch with Snow ~ Word Filled Wednesday 6 comments
My prayer for you as we head into the year 2012 is that your family will have the peace and prosperity that comes from knowing the one true God. I’m linking up with: HAVE A SAFE, HAPPY, HEALTHY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR,

Word Filled Wednesday: Peace

Bridge 6 comments
This year, my interest in photography was piqued when I took a picture of the hubs while walking around downtown Wilkes~Barre, Pennsylvania. It was like something inside me came to life and I kept thinking I can’t believe I took this picture but I didn’t really take photography seriously as […]

Photography {The Best of 2011}

Frost Covered Branch
Last year, I wrote a post called 2010: The Best of Living Outside the Stacks, where I went back over the year and picked out my favorite posts from the year and I thought I’d do it again this year. It’s a fun way to look back and see how […]

Posts {The Best of 2011}