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Saturday Wanderings {About Me}

For the past few weeks I’ve been nearly vibrating with excitement; the hubs and I were supposed to go to Tennessee to visit my sister. But as with all of the best laid plans, this one fell through and the hubs and I were left wondering what we should do…

We ended up running a few errands and then heading down to one of our favorite haunts: the Mississippi River Walk. We enjoy sitting on the banks of the river with coffees and people watching. For whatever reason, we didn’t stop for coffee before heading downtown. Not cool.

The Mississippi River Walk {Living Outside the Stacks}
Did you notice that she has coffee?
Saturday Wanderings {Living Outside the Stacks}

This is also a little preview of my What I Wore Wednesday post? Like how I slipped that in there?

The Mississippi River Walk {Living Outside the Stacks}

Don’t you just love the view? Can you see why the hubs and I like to wander around the River Walk?

The Mississippi River Walk {Living Outside the Stacks}
What do you think they sell at The Woman’s Store? Or rather, what do you think they used to sell at The Woman’s Store? It was completely empty but fascinating all the same.

The Mississippi River Walk {Living Outside the Stacks}

One of the things that I appreciate about the hubs is that he indulges my crazy. Saturday’s bit of loopiness involved him pulling over on the side of the road so I could take a picture of this windmill. Cars were coming and he had to wave them around, but he patiently sat in his car until I was satisfied with my shot.

It’s moments like that when I truly appreciate what a great husband I’ve created. Bwahahaha 

How did you spend your weekend?


Coffee Talk {In the Cafe}

Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}This week’s edition is brought to you by the letters “R” and “S” as in “Racism is still alive and well. And so is stupidity.”

1. An African American nurse is suing a Michigan hospital because it granted a father’s request that “no African American nurses take care of his baby.” While making the request, the father flashed a tat that looked similar to a swastika. sigh Instead of denying the request, the charge nurse reassigned the African American nurses and then put up a notice on the clipboard that read: “No African American nurses to take care of baby.” Are you serious? The charge nurse didn’t realize that this was a racist request and that obliging it violated all sorts of laws? The nurse should have told the father to go pound sand and take his kid with him if he can’t stomach the thought of a highly skilled nurse, regardless of his or her color, taking care of his child. Oh, did I mention the nurse who was tending his child at the time the request was made has over 25 years of experience as a neonatal intensive care nurse? blank stare

2. An Idaho executive is accused of slapping an 18~month~old boy with an open hand, while telling the mother to shut her child up. He also used a racial slur in reference to the baby. Let me tell you something, had it been me, the earrings would’ve come off and they’d still be prying my hands from around his neck. Are you kidding me? And then his lawyer has the nerve to say using the “N word” doesn’t make the man a racist? OK, let’s say it doesn’t make him a racist but it does make him a child abusing idiot who deserves to lose his job {which he did} and have his picture posted all over the place {which it is} so that everyone can recognize him for the butt head that he is.

3. So last week in the comments, fellow blogger Ellie stated that the Jesse Jackson, Jr. debacle has her scratchin’ her head, and I couldn’t agree more. First of all, let’s back the train up… The man was on indefinite medical leave due to bipolar depression and gastrointestinal issues and he still managed to win re~election with 63% of the vote. eye pop He wasn’t even in office for most of the year preceding his re~election and he still won! What the heck, y’all? OK, now let’s talk about the fact that he was living off his campaign funds… He and his wife reportedly spent the money on Michael Jackson memorabilia, a Rolex watch, and home improvements. Duuude…. People, just because someone is the spawn of a civil rights activist does not mean they should hold office.

4. And because stupid is just so much fun, you know when you’re not the one dealing with it, here’s another one for you… A landlord in Ohio has been charged with assault for whipping the bare butt of his 29~year~old tenant with a belt because the man was late on his rent. What the what? The tenant said he submitted to the whipping because he was “scared and just wanted to get it over with.”

What had you scratchin’ your head this week?


How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {In the Dark Room}

I’m not a professional photographer, but I play one on my blog. Hahahaha I kill me. The hubs says I’m only funny to myself and the girl I shared a uterus with {that would be my twin sister} but I think I’m hilarious. Anyway, for the longest time, I’ve been “watermarking” my images by typing text over the picture and then saving it. Tedious, I tell ya. And pretty inconsistent as far as branding goes. So I started looking for an easier way to “stamp” my images and, lo and behold, it was sitting right there in front of me all this time: PICMONKEY!!!!!!

PicMonkey is by far my favorite tool for quick photo editing. It has just about everything I need when I’m in a hurry and it’s free. There is a paid version but, really, you can do just about everything you need using the free stuff. If you aren’t using PicMonkey, it really is worth a try. And creating your own watermark is the perfect way to get in there and play around.


{Side Note: Click the Image to Make it Larger}

1. Open PicMonkey in your browser

2. Click on “Create a Collage”

3. Click “Layouts”, the second selection down on the left hand side

How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {Living Outside the Stacks}

4. Click “Create Your Own” at the top, the picture will default to a 1024×1024, that’s OK, you’ll change that later

5. Click on “Background”, the fourth selection down on the left hand side

6. Click “Transparent background” and then save; make sure you save as a .png file or you’ll lose the transparency

How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {Living Outside the Stacks}

7. Close out of the picture and go to “Edit a photo”

8. Open the image you just saved

9. It will look like nothing is there but trust me, your image is there

10. Now select text to write your name or the name of your blog; pick a font that represents you and your brand

11. Have fun with the colors and the transparency; I selected white with a transparency of 55% because I don’t want the watermark to interfere too much with the image

How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {Living Outside the Stacks}

12. If you’d like to have a fun image to go along with your text, select “Overlays” and find something that matches your brand. I chose a butterfly because of my tattoo and because they’re whimsical.

How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {Living Outside the Stacks}

13. Go back to the “Basic Edits” and select the crop tool and crop as tightly on your watermark as you can get without cutting off part of the image.

14. Now save the image as a .png file to retain the transparency

15. You now have a watermark that you can add to all of your images as an overlay.

How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {Living Outside the Stacks}

This week’s Project 365: 2013 Edition theme is “Diptych”. This is my favorite shot of the week; if you’d like to see my other pictures, click here

Now that you’ve created a watermark, you can protect your pictures and not worry about someone stealing them. Furthermore, your brand will be consistent and look a little more professional. Suh~weet, huh?

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