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December Photo A Day {This Or That Thursday}

Hi, everyone! This has been such a long week. Most of the students are gone, so work has slowed down significantly, making for long days. I’ve been spending it putting together work schedules for the student workers for next semester. And doing clean up work.  But, mostly, I’ve been counting down to vacation. How’re you spending your last week before Christmas?

Day 13 Lights

Day 13 Light

Old St. Vincent’s Church in Cape Girardeau, MO. I love taking pictures of old buildings. There’s something mysterious and romantic about them.

Day 14 Something Green

Day 14 Something Green

My favorite green eye shadow from Bare Escentuals. It’s called “Glamourista”. Sexy, no?

Day 15 Outdoors

Day 15 Outdoors {Living Outside the Stacks}


I love the rocks in our front yard, I’m not much of a gardener. These I can maintain.

Day 16 Something You Made

Day 16 Something You Made {Living Outside the Stacks}


I’m making a throw out of the many skeins of scrap yarn that I have around the house. My next project will be some flowers for a couple of my Instagram buddies.

Day 17 On the Floor

Day 17 On the Floor {Living Outside the Stacks}


Cute shoes that I’ve had for years but can’t wear because I need to have the heels repaired. I found a cobbler a couple of days ago, pay day they’ll be going into the shop.

Day 18 Makes You Feel Merry

Day 18 Makes You Merry {Living Outside the Stacks}

Beginning tomorrow at 5 PM, I will be on vacation until 8 AM on 2 January 2013. This makes me incredibly merry.

So that’s my week in review. Nothing super exciting, just a life that I thank God for every single day. How was your week?

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Thirty~Three {What I Wore Wednesday}

I have a problem. First step crossed. I totally dig thrifting. Second step conquered. I don’t want to stop. Third step failed. I so enjoy taking my $21 that’s my limit and  going into the thrift shop and coming out with 7 skirts. Yep, it’s always skirts. Well, except last week when I found the cutest sweater that I cannot wait to show you next week. Anyway, skirts were never a part of my wardrobe until I started hitting the thrift stores, now I can’t get enough. And they’re all so fashionable. I mean they are really trendy pieces, yet oh~so~classic. I don’t know why whoever is getting rid of these skirts is but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

I felt so girly in this outfit. I’ve never really been a tweed girl but when I saw this skirt I simply had to have it. I like it with the cream turtle neck, but I think I could wear it with just about any color sweater and it’d work. Add a denim jacket and it’d be all kinds of funky.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

The one accessory I’m still trying to get used to wearing is a belt. When I look in the mirror, I feel like it’s not doing much for me but when I see myself in pictures, I can see the waist definition. And that’s where I need the most help.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

Can you believe I found that skirt at Goodwill? How cute is it? That bottom ruffle is everything, right? And those tights are from Dollar General! They’re actually sweater leggings.  So warm and cozy.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

What have you added to your wardrobe this year that you never thought you’d wear?

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Be Strong {Words of Encouragement}

Be Strong {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’ve gone back and forth over whether I should write anything about the tragedies in Connecticut and China that occurred last week… How do I respond to the senseless taking of innocent lives? What words of comfort do I offer to those who’ll be left with the physical and mental scars? There simply aren’t enough words to convey the sympathy that I feel for all of those who’ve been touched directly by these tragedies.

I can’t begin to say I understand how the parents feel to lose their children in such a senseless manner, but I do understand the spirit of fear that grips your heart when you’ve been touched by the unimaginable. But God did not give us a spirit of fear, he wants us to face each day with renewed strength and courage. To those who are dealing with grief, fear, and anger I want to say draw strength from your family and friends, accept the kindness of strangers,  and lean on  the Lord.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Always.

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