Shoot. Edit. Submit. 15 comments
This is probably my favorite picture from my photo walk this week. I dunno, there’s something about fallen trees and moss… I want to know what felled the tree. Was it a bad storm? Did the tree rot? And how long did it take the moss to grow? I know, […]

Moss Covered Tree Trunk {Shoot. Edit. Submit.}

Scripture & a Snapshot 4 comments
I’ve often said that I have the navigational skills of a monkey in a hurricane. Sometimes being directionally challenged has led me to wonderful discoveries such as the Bollinger Mill Historical Site and other times it has left me on the side of the road near breaking point because I […]

Think and Pray Before You Step {Word Filled Wednesday}

What I Wore Wednesday 4 comments
Yay! throws confetti We made it to the first Wednesday of 2012 and you know what that means ~ It’s time for What I Wore Wednesday! Are you ladies ready for another 52 weeks of fun and fashion? I know I am. I only have one outfit this week but […]

One {What I Wore Wednesday}

Who Am I {Project 52 Assignment One} 2 comments
This year I decided to challenge myself and participate in a 52 week course that’s hosted by I’m no where near the skill level of the other participants but the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, right? So that’s my intention ~ to push myself to […]

Who Am I { Assignment One}

Salad 6 comments
My pastor is sneaky. Ever since we started attending this church, he’s been trying to figure out a way to get me involved. With people. Talking to them. Sharing with them. Just doing something. And each time he’s given me a task, I’ve politely declined. Not because I’m hard headed […]

Me, a Biblical Fitness Guru? Whatchoo Talking ‘Bout?

First Coffee 2012 4 comments
Wow! Can you believe it, we’ve made it to 2012! throws confetti I’m so very excited for what this new year will bring for me both personally and professionally. Yesterday, my daughter wrote the very first post for 2012 and I couldn’t agree more with her words ~ she said […]

My Plans for 2012 {Photography}

The Write Life 4 comments
Once upon a time, Miss 14 went through my blog and counted how many times I mentioned her and found her numbers to be woefully low. As a remedy, I suggested that she write a guest post about whatever struck her fancy. She took the challenge and has now written […]

Miss 14: The Year that Was and the Year to ...