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Thursday Likes {Living Outside the Stacks}

Thursday Likes {In the Cafe}

I thought I’d try something new on Thursdays; instead of just posting a picture and linking to my flickr account, I thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve found while surfing the web. These may be links to products I think are cool, blog posts I find interesting, or […]

Mother's Day Facebook Status

Happy Mother’s Day

This morning my kids did something they’ve never done before ~ they made me breakfast.  In bed. I got up because I heard Squeekerz scratching at my door, not because he really wanted to be in my room but because he wanted to be away from the kids.  Have I […]

Multi~tasking at the Reference Desk

Day 25: My Day in Great Detail

Be prepared to be incredibly bored…. 06:15  Wake up 06:30  Drive the kids to the bus stop 06:35~07:00  Watch a variety of news programs; I start with Fox News, flip to CNN then land on The Daily Buzz (Fox bothers me because of the political and familial nepotism, CNN rocks […]

Daenel and Her Books

Day 4: My Favorite Books

When I was a little girl, my favorite place in the world was the library.  I was a nerdy little girl who was often the object of a lot of teasing and the butt of endless jokes, and the library was the one place the bullies never seemed to enter. […]