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ABCs of Me

Google Friend Connect is disappearing soon, but I’d love for us to stay together. You can read my blog in your favorite reader through my RSS feed, join the conversation on Facebook or chat with me on Twitter. Make sure you give a shout out and let me know you’re […]

What I Wore Wednesday #23

JOIN ME FOR SHOE STYLE SATURDAY THIS SATURDAY FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE Hi, everyone! How’s it going? Everything here is going pretty well. I thought Autumn had arrived a few weeks ago but, for some reason, Mother Nature has decided to send some summer weather our way, so it’s been […]

Yarn Along

Yarn Along

This morning when I woke up the air was crisp, I welcome break from the triple degree weather we had when we first moved here and the high 90s that have dogged us for the last few weeks.  Can you tell I’m a sweater weather girl?  I love my cardis, […]