Shoe Closet

Day 12: Something I’m OCD About

Ha!  This is an easy one.  I’m hyper~organized.  I used to be in the Army and one of the first things they drilled into my head was organization ~ socks, tees, undies, they all had to be folded/rolled up so they were the same length as a dollar bill.  I […]

Students Reading

My Wish for My Students

I’ve worked in an academic setting for quite a while now and during the course of my years as an instructor and librarian, I’ve come across a variety of students ~ those who are in college to get an education, those who are in college because Mom and Dad said […]

Do You Have “Couple Friends”?

Do you remember that episode of “King of Queens” when Carrie and Doug lose Deacon and Kelly to another couple who has kids so they spend the entire episode trying to find a replacement couple?  Well, Tony and I have been trying to find that couple for years now. Ok, […]

Day 11: A Recent Photo of Me

Day 11: A Recent Photo of Me

Sitting at the Reference Desk waiting… I’m not waiting on anything in particular, most of the students have gone home for Thanksgiving break so time is passing by so slowly. Later tonight, after the rest of the students have left, I’ll probably finish this book that I’ve downloaded to the […]

I’m Back, Sort Of

I don’t know what happened but I caught something that totally kicked my butt. Giving my kids and these college students the side~eye ’cause I know whatever funky little virus I picked up had to have come from these walking talking petri dishes.  Thursday evening, I left work and I […]

Out Sick….

…I will return to regularly scheduled posting as soon as I can hold my head up without it leaking.