Randomness {This or That Thursday}

Has this week flown by or what? I’m trying to remember what I could have done to make it go by so quickly but, yeah, I got nothing. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older and time flies…

Self Portrait

I’m finally starting to branch out and get a little more creative with my self portraits. It’s nice to do more than take pictures of my face. Thank you, Creators of Photoshop.


Do you see all those buttons? Aren’t they pretty? I originally bought them to use as accessories on scarves that I crochet but I’ve stopped crocheting so now I have a ton of buttons just sitting in a drawer. I’m not sure whether I should start crocheting again or find a hobby that uses buttons.

Garlic and Chive Pita Chips

I discovered these Garlic and Chive Pita Chips at one of the local discount stores and oh my gosh these are my new Kryptonite. I seriously cannot stop eating them which, of course, leads to a whole nother set of issues that I really don’t feel like dealing with right now.

I’m linking up with Deb from Deb Duty Photography for This or That Thursday.

  • Those chips sound great!  I’m so impressed by how your photography skills are improving!!  Do you scrap?  Plenty of use for buttons there.

    • Thank you, lady. I’m having so much fun with my camera {and annoying the heck out of the fam}. I don’t scrapbook but I’m thinking about using the buttons to make bracelets and bobby pin thingies.

  • Very nice self-portrait! Cute buttons… those would make cute bobby-pin decorations. And now, I’m suddenly hungry for garlic & chive chips/crackers/pita chips. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa. I’m thinking that bobby pin thing would be too cute. And, girl, those pita chips? Dee~licious!

  • Very fun self portrait! And such a beautiful collection of buttons! Scrapbooking uses buttons, and I bet you could find a few diy crafts on pinterest that would use them up!

    • I found a couple of bracelets that I think I’m gonna give a try. I’ve always loved buttons, especially the vintage ones… The ones I have now are bright and fun.

  • I need to pick back up with crocheting.  I’m thinking about making scarves to donate and two or three blankets to donate to the maternity ward at the hospital I delivered both my kids at.

    • That’s a very good idea. I used to donate blankets to young moms, I haven’t done that since I left Pennsylvania though. Maybe I’ll start up again…

  • E. RaMona

    i love that first pic….it’s beautiful

  • Gina @ Chic Homeschool Mama

    That first one- GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you, Gina. I’m having so much fun with Photoshop.

  • I love the buttons!

  • elliereads

    I made kind of a neat all button Christmas ornament…

    • I saw hair pins on Pinterest so I’m thinking maybe a couple of those since I hate having my hair in my face.

  • abi

    I love the color and lighting on those buttons! Great job!

  • Love that self portrait.
    You could make a button wreath 🙂 Or something equally crafty…
    And I think I wouldn’t buy those chips for fear I’d never. stop. eating. them. Garlic, chive, and pita? Yes to all three.

    • OK, I’ve been wanting to yell congratulations all day on Facebook but I’ve controlled myself so I’m gonna do it right here:

      CONGRATULATIONS MAT, ERIN AND CHARLIE!!!! So excited for you guys. 


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