Seventeen {What I Wore Wednesday}

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What I Wore Sunday

I think this may be the most colorful outfit in my closet. I felt like walking summer! I started to wear an orange jacket with the skirt and a white tank but I thought that might be a bit too much, so I figured reversing the colors (white cardi and orange tank) would tone it down a bit…

What I Wore Wednesday

I totally need to invest in a remote! I’m exhausted from trying to run back into place before the timer goes off. Really, you should see me running across my front porch. I’m almost certain my neighbors think not only am I incredibly vain but a bit goofy too.

What I Wore Wednesday

I love that I got to wear my beaded bracelets… Although they weren’t matchy matchy, they did go with and I think they added enough color to make the outfit even more fun.

What I Wore Wednesday

And so as not to totally blind everyone, I wore neutral colored shoes…

What I Wore Tuesday

OK, maybe this is outfit is just as colorful as the one above. giggle But I do remember a while back saying that I wanted to branch out beyond my usual earth tones and neutrals.

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

Don’t you just love the ikat print on this blouse? I wasn’t sure what to pair it with but I thought the bright yellow cardi added a bit of fun. It can get kinda chilly in the library, ya know?

What I Wore Wednesday

I finally invested in a pair of flats for work. My feet are so happy now. And I’ve eliminated that annoying click click clickety click from walking down uncarpetted halls. I also bought a pair of red combat boots! I cannot wait to show them off.

So what did you wear this week? 

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