Shoe Style Saturday

A few weeks before we left Pennsylvania, my mother called me up and said “As soon as you arrive, we’re going to this shoe store.  I found the perfect pair of shoes for you.’  She went on to try and describe the shoes to me and to tell me how much I would love them.  I laughed it off.  My mother and I have very different taste.  My mother is a very conservative preacher who wears suits on Sundays and skirts past her knees the rest of the week.  My style is, um, eclectic.  The funkier the better.

It seemed that my mother was calling me every other day about these shoes.  Should she just buy them for me or wait until I saw them?  What if they were all gone before I arrived?

The day after I arrived, we headed for the shoe store.  My mother was positively giddy.  We found the shoes Omg!  Momma done good! but, sadly, they didn’t have them in my size.  So we left the store and wandered around a bit then decided to go back to the shoe store.  My mother asked the salesperson if they might have my size in the back.  They did, she bought, I have.

Shoe Style SaturdayDo you and your mother have the same taste in shoes?  Could she pick out a pair for you?  Has she ever surprised you with a fashion choice?

Shoe Style SaturdayTo participate in Shoe Style Saturday, all you have to do is

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So, come on and show me your femme fatale flats, those sexy stilettos and pin~up peep toes, yes,  even your racy runners.

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  • Pieces of Sunshine

    My mum and I have rather different tastes so she generally doesn’t try to buy anything for me. I have always preferred to own a few favourite items rather than a large selection, particularly when it comes to clothes and shoes.

    These shoes look amazing, I’ve never seen any like them before. You mum must have been thrilled that you liked them too.

    • It’s funny how much our parents influence our fashion choices.  Either you end up very similar or total opposites.  I’m a shoe girl…  Love them.

  • We’ve never had the same taste in clothes.  My mom is very traditional and classic in her style.  I like to up the oomph-factor just a bit.  Our general rule of thumb is that if one of us dislikes it, the other will like it.  I try to follow that when I shop for her and usually do pretty well at picking what she’d like.  She, on the other hand, consistantly chooses clothes for me that make me feel and look like a frumpy old grandma. She chooses the same type of clothes for my daughter, too.  I guess she is hoping we will suddenly develope “good” taste.

    • Hahaha  Love your rule.  That’s too funny.  May be my mom and I should adopt that.  Funny how our parents influence our style, isn’t it?  Either we’re total opposites or very similar.  Of my 3 girls only 1 has taste similar to mine.

  • YUMMommy

    We do now. I had to help my mom up her show game. Just because she’s a grandma doesn’t mean she has to dress like on. She does a good job when she picks out shoes & clothes she thinks I might like.

    • LOL  I love that ~ you had to help her up her “show game”.  You are so right about that whole grandma thing.  My mother totally surprised me with these shoes because she always tells me I’m too flashy.  Those are flashy.  LOL

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