Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Shopping in NEPA: 3 Sisters

3 SistersLast week I was at my favorite coffee shop, KB’s Coffee House, when this woman came inside wearing the most beautiful jewelry. Actually, I had seen her a couple of times before, the last time was at Miss 14’s orthodontist’s office, she was wearing fabulous pieces then too ~ tons of silver bracelets, a fabulous chunky ring and an awesome necklace.  Yes, I was totally scoping out this woman’s jewelry while trying not to look creepy.  So when I saw her at KB’s I decided to ask her about it.  It was a sign, right?

It turns out the jewelry came from a boutique called 3 Sisters which Catherine co~owns with her two sisters, Mary and Diane.  As Catherine was showing me her wrist, I was making a mental note to dump settle the hubs in front of the TV and visit her shop.  Sorry, but I cannot shop with my husband, I always feel rushed and I wanted the chance to browse.

Anyway, the boutique is a cute little shop nestled in United Penn Plaza in Kingston, Pennsylvania.  When you first walk in there are shelves of pottery and other knick knacks to the right and candles and other spa accoutrements to the left, straight down the center are shelves of various pieces of  jewelry ~ wooden rings, sterling bracelets, leather cuffs, beaded earrings, etc.  It was like the mother ship had called me home…  I wandered around trying to resist the urge to touch everything (in my head I could hear my mother’s voice saying If you can’t figure out what to do with your hands, put them in your pockets).  After twenty~five minutes I decided to purchase an Alexa’s Angels Prayer Box Bracelet and a leather flower cuff (I know I already have one but can one really have too many leather cuffs?).

The prices are very reasonable, ranging from $5 for rings to the triple digits for finer pieces of jewelry.  3 Sisters also sells soy candles, scarves, coffee mugs (which you know I’ll be purchasing next time, ’cause I love myself some funky coffee mugs) and other cool items.  If you’re ever in the area, check them out, I guarantee you’ll find something to love.

You can also shop online, free shipping on purchases over $75.  squee

Contact Information:

3 Sisters
182 United Penn Plaza
Kingston, PA 18704
Hrs: Mon ~ Sat 10 AM ~ 5:30 PM
Thurs ~ 10 AM ~ 7 PM

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post. I just really like the products.

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