Sloan + Themis: Vintage and Repurposed Jewelry

Sometimes my real and online worlds collide and it’s a fabulous thing. That’s what happened last Saturday. My worlds collided and it was all kinds of cool…

Cape Girardeau {Living Outside the Stacks}

On Saturdays, The Hubs and I have a routine that involves breakfast, running errands, and wandering the streets of downtown Cape Girardeau. We love walking along the water front and roaming through the historic district. It’s a beautiful area, full of quaint little antique stores, restaurants, and galleries. That’s one of the things I absolutely adore about this area, there’s a vibrant local community of folks who’re really interested in restoring, developing, and maintaining the history of this area and reaching out to new people and making them feel at home

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I had a new follower on Instagram and Twitter. So I checked them out and saw that it was a locally owned jewelry company called Sloan + Themis. Yay, I love when local companies follow me because it gives me new places to explore.

Sloan + Themis {Living Outside the Stacks}

As we were walking, I noticed a sign and said to The Hubs, “Hey, let’s go in there. They just started following me on Instagram…” So we walked inside and I was immediately swept away.

Sloan + Themis {Living Outside the Stacks}

The interior reminded me of a mix of the grottos in Italy, the historic buildings of New Orleans, and those really cool silver stream campers that have been all glamped up. Everything was perfectly thought out: the paint colors, the music, even the smells mixed to create a warm and inviting environment. Y’all know I’m in the process of redecorating my family room and seeing this space made me totally rethink my original plan

Sloan + Themis {Living Outside the Stacks}

While we were looking around, the owner came out and introduced herself. “I know you,” she said, “you’re the librarian!” giggle Claire is such a sweet and funny person. It turns out that she and I have a lot in common: we’ve both lived in Mississippi, have sisters who live in Tennessee, and share a love for all things vintage and slightly bohemian.

She told me about the store and how it came to be…

Sloan + Themis started as an online store and became a brick and mortar store when she discovered the current location while out jogging. A fellow runner, y’all! The store specializes in vintage pieces and handmade jewelry made from upcycled materials.

Sloan + Themis {Living Outside the Stacks}

This bracelet is made with a vintage glass charm, fresh water pearls, and turquoise. Isn’t it just lovely? I can so see this all edgy stacked between a black leather cord bracelet and silver bangles with boyfriend jeans and a plain white tee or earth mothery nestled between a cuff and an armload of beaded bracelets, which Sloan + Themis carries, with a cute sweater and a flowy peasant skirt.

Sloan + Themis {Living Outside the Stacks}

And don’t you just love these necklaces? I think they’d make beautiful bride’s maids gifts or, even better, an “I love me and I deserve something special gift”.

Sloan + Themis {Living Outside the Stacks}

If you’re in the area, please stop by and say “hi” to Claire. You can also follow Sloan + Themis on Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter, or shop online at Sloan + Themis.
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Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this post, I’m just a very big fan of buying local and supporting small businesses.

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