Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Small Talk Six Fashions I’m Bringing Back

Oooooh, today’s Small Talk Six topic is a good one! Trish wants me to name six pieces of clothing or accessories that I’ve owned, loved and wish would come back in style. I had to laugh at this because my sister and I were just talking about my “unique” fashion sense yesterday afternoon…

1. The Pop Swatch ~ I grew up in Italy during the 80s, nothing can beat Italian 80s fashion. I remember there was a little store in the square that sold jewelry and other little trinkets and every month I would go down and buy a new watch. I still have a watch thing…a shoe thing…a bag thing…a clothes thing…but I digress… Anyway, I bought a Pop Swatch and I used to attach that thing to shirts, coats, the cuffs of my pants, my school bags, etc. If Flava Flav can still rock his clock, I can sport my Pop Swatch.

2. Fingerless gloves ~ Ok, I have to admit, I rock these now. They’re so practical for holding my ever present cup of coffee.

3. Poncho ~ No sucking in, need I say more?

4. High~Waisted Pants ~ No, not the grandpa pants but the really cool sexy ones like what Katherine Hepburn used to wear. Honest to goodness, those pants were like a girdle and the hour glass figure they produced…Wow!

5. Cameos ~ Again this goes back to my days in Italy. There was a market every Saturday morning in Pordenone, and I would go there once a month to purchase a new cameo. I always thought there was something so elegant and ladylike about cameos. Only I didn’t wear them under my neck, I wore them pinned to my lapels with tons of necklaces.

6. Long flowy pants ~ I’m talking about the pants that cover your shoes in long flowy style. Of course, the only way to wear them is with platform heels but that’s another topic for another day.

So are there any fashions or accessories that you used to wear back in the day that you wish would come back in style? If so, share with us. You can use pictures, lists, paragraphs, etc. For a list of future topics, go here. Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave a link or a comment.

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