Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Small Talk Six Things My Mother-In-Law Has Done for Me Lately

Today’s Small Talk Six topic is to list six things, good or bad, that I credit my mother-in-law for. Oh my word… Had you asked me this a few years back everything would have ended with “homicidal tendencies,” “insanity plea” or “beyond control.” I lived with her for six and a half years while attending college, dealing with cancer and a host of other life issues. I’ve almost blocked out most of the memories. Almost.

Looking back with one eye closed and the other one squinted, I can think of some good things for which I credit my mother-in-law for either giving to me or teaching me. They are:

1. My husband, Tony, without whom none of this would be possible

2. The nerdtasticness that is my son

3. Daughters who don’t take any crap

4. Smoke detectors are not the same thing as oven timers

5. Insanity does not necessarily flow from mother to son

6. Love shines through when you least expect it

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