Squeekerz {This or That Thursday}


This week I’ve been working on shooting in Manual. I’m not sure if these pictures are technically “all that” but I do like them because, well, they’re fun. Our dog, Squeekerz, spent many years in the Witness Protection Program and never allowed me to take his picture, now he’s all stopping and posing for me. Translation: the dog used to be afraid of the shutter sound and now that he’s used to it, he gets the canine equivalent of giddy whenever he sees the camera. Trust me, that’s his happy face.


We also suspect that Squeekerz spent some time in the military because he does a lot of low crawling. Seriously, you should see that dog move across a room. If the Seals ever need backup, he’s the one. He has incredible stamina and freakishly strong toes.

This or That ThursdayI’m not sure what my settings were when I took the pictures but I know there was a ton of sunlight streaming through the living room window and I had my camera set at the widest opening. Ummmm, guess I should take the time to learn the proper terminology and start writing down the settings or something, huh? What I’d really like to learn how to do is take those really bright pictures that look like they’re about to pop off the page. Do you know what I’m talking about? Sorta like the ones taken by Bella Pop. Love Love Love!

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