Switching It Up {In the Closet}

Pink Cardi, Yellow Blouse, and Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’ve had this cardi in my drawer for years and almost never wear it. I’m not sure why because it really is cute. It kinda has a retro vibe with the beading around the collar. And the color is feminine without being too precious.

Pink Cardi, Yellow Blouse, and Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

I decided to pair it with my yellow sleeveless blouse for some contrast. Normally, I wear a violet cardi with this top because it matches the flowers in the print. I know you can’t really see them, but they’re there. Trust me. And the leather floral bracelet is a little bit of cuteness that I picked up at a boutique in Pennsylvania. I remember haunting that store for months, yes, months, waiting for the right color. I wanted something sweet and feminine but with a bit of funk too it.

Pink Cardi, Yellow Blouse, and Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

Once again, I’d like to thank my photographer, Miss 17, she of no warning before she snaps fame. Bless her heart, she really does try. I think. Or maybe she likes that I look like a deer caught in the headlights. Hmmm…

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  • While I love the yellow/pink combo, what really caught my attention about this outfit were the shoes! OMG, they’re perfect! Wherever did you get these beauties?

    • Thank you, Bella. I got those from Kmart. I used to wear only heels but I’ve had to switch to flats so I’m trying to make sure they’re as cute as possible.

  • That’s a pretty yellow top. No I can’t see the purple flowers but I take your word for it.


    • LOL Thank you, Mo. They’re very faint on the picture but in real life, they’re very vibrant.

  • i have hardly any pink in my closet, but like the shade of your cardi and how you paired it with the yellow. just might inspire me to add a little pink this summer! enjoy your day + the long weekend.

    • Honestly, I have very little pink in my closet. It’s just not one of those colors that I gravitate towards, but I’m trying real hard to step out of my comfort zone. I think you’d look good in pink. Ohhhh, with the overalls, to give it some edge.

      Have a great weekend.

  • I really like those colors together, also! Very nice!

  • Shon

    Wow!! Your hair is on point! I am still getting use to the fact that you cut it!! Love it!

    These colors are so fresh together…great wash on the denim too.

    • Thank you, Shon. I’m constantly pinning styles and then realizing my hair doesn’t have the length yet. LOL But it is nice to have it up off my neck with the heat coming.

  • Love the pink and yellow combo! One of my faves!

    • Thank you. I do think this is a color combo that may go in to rotation.

  • Love the pink and yellow together and that bracelet is adorable. I can see why you waited for the perfect colors!

    XO ~Kim @ popcosmo.com

    • Thank you. I drove that poor lady nuts. I think she was at the point where she was going to dip dye one just to get rid of me. LOL

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