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Brown Corduroy Jacket Neutral Scarf Gray Cardi and Denim Skirt {Living Outside the Stacks} 8 comments
Don’t you just love the pop of orange from my bag? When I first saw it, I thought I’m never gonna carry an orange purse. But, now? I absolutely adore it. Because it’s such a bold color, I like to pair it with more muted/neutral tones like browns, dark greens, […]

Tips for Shopping Vintage {In the Closet}

Annie Laurie's Antiques {Living Outside the Stacks} 4 comments
Recently, I attended a presentation called “The Psychology of Now… In Retail and Fashion” by Lynn R. Moore. During the presentation, Lynn talked about current trends in retail and how people have shifted their thought from “I must have new” to “How can I reuse and/or recycle?” She talked about […]

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