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Floral Dress Brown Skirt and Brown Wedges {living outside the stacks}

Boho with the Fab 40s

I’m not really what you’d call a fashion or style blogger, I’m more of a “so this morning I was thinking about this or that and I decided to write about it blogger”, so I was thrilled beyond belief when Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots asked me to […]

The Big Chop {Living Outside the Stacks}

The Big Chop

I finally did it! I chopped off my hair and am now 100% natural! I’d been transitioning {going without a chemical hair straightener for almost a year} and was getting fairly bored with my hair and frustrated with the dual textures. In fact, I got so frustrated that I shaved […]

Neutral Cardi Tanks and Multicolored Skirt {Living Outside the Stacks}

Where is Spring?

  Seriously, where is it? I’m trying so hard to usher in Spring. I really am, but the weather just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me. It has been raining almost daily since Easter and the sun has been visible for only small clips at a time. So […]

Caftan Jeans and Sandals {Living Outside the Stacks}

Bohemian Glam Caftan and Jeans

Have I mentioned how much I love caftans? I do. Seriously, Mrs. Roper had the right idea: throw on a colorful dress and call it a day. There’s no need to suck in, you don’t really have to worry about accessories {although she did wear some awesomely large bubble gumball […]

Black Batwing Sweater Denim Maxi and Black Boots {Living Outside the Stacks}

Maxed Out

If you’ll remember, last week I wrote about how my daughter said that my style can best be described as Mori Kei and I said “Sometimes.” Well, this is why. In my heart of hearts, I’m a hippie. I remember telling my mom that I was born in the wrong […]