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Last week I was at my favorite coffee shop, KB’s Coffee House, when this woman came inside wearing the most beautiful jewelry. Actually, I had seen her a couple of times before, the last time was at Miss 14’s orthodontist’s office, she was wearing fabulous pieces then too ~ tons […]

Shopping in NEPA: 3 Sisters

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Warm apple pie.  Candied cranberries.  Amber colored leaves floating to the ground… It has been so unbearably hot the last few weeks that it’s almost impossible to believe that fall is just around the corner. And I am soooo excited. I’m such a sweater weather girl… I keep looking at […]

Day 2: Five Fall Fashions I Can’t Wait to ...

People are always asking me about my jewelry, they want to know where I bought it or who made it or if they can get something similar.  I always tell them “Yes!” and then I proceed to tell them exactly where I purchased each piece, how much I paid for […]

Shopping in NEPA: the Bare Accessories