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Style Imitating Art Melancholy Courtesan {living outside the stacks}

Style Imitating Art: Melancholy Courtesan

You guys, I’m so excited to announce that I’m the new co-host for Style Imitating Art! I’ll be joining Jen from Librarian for Life and Style and Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey  as we use pieces of art to inspire our wardrobes. I know there are some folks who’re new to […]

Old Navy Dress Over Jeans with Sseko Sandals and Sloan and Themis Earrings{Living Outside the Stacks}

Feeling Flirty Over Forty

You guys, this is it! My last week of freedom before I start working again. I can’t lie, I’m both excited and nervous. I’m excited because, well, new place and new co-workers. And I’m nervous because new place and new co-workers. Make sense? Oh, I guess I should tell you […]

Dress Over Jeans {Repost}

You guys, today we’re having my going away party at work. This makes my leaving all work official and e’erything. As of today I have 6 work days left and that’s it. Things go into overdrive. The packers will be boxing up my stuff and shipping it off to Georgia, […]

Pink Polka Dot Dress Over Jeans and Sseko Sandals Living Outside the Stacks}

Dress Over Jeans

Today was supposed to be the last installment in my How to Wear a Denim Maxi Skirt series but… I’ve been working with sick family members for a few days and now I’m sick. Some weird stomach thing that doesn’t have the decency to know when it’s no longer welcome. […]

Dress Over Jeans with Wedges {Living Outside the Stacks}

Dress Over Jeans for Work

Let’s give it up for jobs that don’t have dress codes! When I first re~entered the work force, I remember wanting a job that required business casual attire: skirt, hose, and pumps. It made me feel all grown up, you know, after years of wearing nothing but oversized tees, scrunchies, […]