Get Bitter or Get Better: Moving Forward after Trayvon {Living Outside the Stacks} 4 comments
I, like many people, sat glued to my seat as the verdict was read. Not guilty. Another black boy’s life snuffed out. Not guilty. Black lives are worthless. Not guilty. Skittles and a hoodie can get you murdered. Not guilty. Unless your skin is black. Whether we agree with the […]

Get Bitter or Get Better: Moving Forward after Trayvon {In ...

The world is in the hands of knowledge 4 comments
The other night as I was driving home, alternating between singing my heart out and listening to talk radio, something made my ears perk up…  A conversation between George Noory and some guy named “Uncle Ted”.  Can I just pause right here to say that late night radio is waaaay […]

Dude, That Major? Guaranteed to Keep You Unemployed

Echo Chamber 4 comments
When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted it to take ~ did I want to blog about libraries, parenting, products, etc?  Did I want to focus on giveaways or something more personal?  I mean, I was already blogging about libraries at Curious Child’s Library […]

Four Tips from a “Mom Blogger” for Escaping the Echo ...