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Congratulations to The Hubs

Congratulations to The Hubs {Living Outside the Stacks}

How do I even begin to write about how impressed I am with The Hubs? I tease him because he’s a list guy. Everything he does begins with a list and ends in accomplishment. When he joined Proctor and Gamble nearly 18 years ago, his goal was to make it to Tech 5. He surpassed that goal and became the first African American promoted to Tech 6 at the P&G plant in Mehoopany. Then he started talking about moving on to management…

His promotions didn’t come easy. He’s always been a go~getter, willing to go above and beyond and say “yes” when others said “no”. His perseverance, faith in God, and desire to do better and be better has been nothing short of an example to the kids and myself.

Within time, he became the first African American to be promoted from Tech to Manager at Mehoopany. And with that promotion came a move to Missouri. We had planned to be here to watch our children graduate from high school and college, but The Hubs has been offered an amazing opportunity that will have us moving to Georgia.

This is the one time when I can honestly say I’m equal parts nervous and excited. I’m nervous because I’ll be leaving my babies to spread their wings and excited because this will be the first time in our marriage that it’ll just be The Hubs and me.

I’m ready to begin this new phase in our lives and see what else God has in store for our family.

Congratulations again to The Hubs. I am so very proud of you.


Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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What Has Brought You Joy? {Repost from June 2011}

The Girls

My girls are my pride and joy.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the boy too.  I mean, he is my son and all but there’s something about hanging out with my girls that brings me so much joy.  I can say that because I know the boy doesn’t read my blog but the girls do and if they try to tease him with this post, it’ll backfire because I’ve already texted him and told him that he’s my favoriteHe knows the deal

On this particular day, the girls and I had decided to go walking along the Back Mountain Trail, a nice little path that winds through the mountains where we live.  During most of our walk, the girls were waaaay ahead of me, as I kept stopping to take pictures of every.  little.  thing.  that caught my eye.  At one point, I managed to pass them and as I turned around, I caught my daughter jumping off a rock ~ her mouth wide open, arms and legs flailing, it has been years since I’ve seen such unabashed joy on my daughter’s face.

As our children grow up, it can be hard to capture those precious moments when everything is right with the world ~ there are no bills to worry over, no tests to study for, no sickness yet to be diagnosed.  For this moment, forever captured on film, everything is perfect and this brings me joy.

What has brought you joy today?
Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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Words of Wisdom for the Graduates

Words of Wisdom for the Graduates {Living Outside the Stacks}

My babies are graduating from high school today. So this is gonna be a rough one for me. I’ve already shared my words of wisdom with them here and here, but now I’m asking you to help me celebrate my twins’ graduation…

Please share your words of wisdom with the graduates in the comments below!
Daenel T

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