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The View: Learn to Use Your Words, People

Although The View Moms Brand Ambassador campaign has ended, I will still be writing the occasional post about any Hot Topics that appeal to me because, well, that’s what I do.  So far, I’ve stayed out of the healthcare debate and I’ve pretty much avoided the downright rude comments directed […]

The View Blab Fest

Today is the last day of The View Moms Brand Ambassador campaign.  Sniffle.  I’ve had so much fun tweeting with The View Moms and writing (and reading) blog posts about the show.  I’ll probably do some form of Hot Topic blogging in the future, just not on a regular basis […]

The View Blab Fest

I am so ready to get my blab on…  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve tweeted with the girls.  And, boy, have I missed our daily chat fests. In fact, I have like two minutes to go grab a cup of coffee before the Hot Topics… So today’s […]

The View Blab Fest

I haven’t been able to Tweet The View for the past few days because I am down to one eye and following twitter is a little bit difficult right now.  I miss you, The View Moms!  Therefore, I’ll be blogging the Hot Topics, so let the blabbing begin…. Hot Topics […]