Growing Up

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Flowers II

Learning to Let Go

This week I’m facing probably one of the biggest challenges that I’ll face as a parent, letting my child grow up and make her own decisions. I knew this time would come but a part of me kept thinking I could push it off. That I could keep her (and […]

Advice 6

Advice for Miss 17 Upon Her Graduation

For 17 years, you’ve listened to my “Dos” and “Don’ts”.  You’ve shrugged me off at times and, at others, you’ve nodded and agreed.   I’ve shared my struggles of single motherhood with you.  Walking miles in the hot Louisiana sun because I didn’t have a car or the money for […]

The Kids

Unanswered Prayers

I’ve spent the last year feeling sorry for myself and being  angry as hell because I don’t have a full~time job.  Honestly, I just couldn’t move past the thought of being financially dependent on my husband and sitting at home all day long.  Before anyone jumps on me, understand this: […]

Symone at Wilkes University

First College Visit: Wilkes University

I took another step towards letting go of Miss 16. We visited Wilkes University today.  Commence wailing and moaning. Our appointment was at 1 PM, the admissions rep didn’t meet us until 1:17. I’m the type of person who is early for everything, especially when other people are dependent on me.  Needless to […]