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The Big Chop {About Me}

Big Chop Relaxed to Natural Hair {Living Outside the Stacks}

I did it. The Big Chop. All of my hair is gone. I’m not sure if it’s liberation or panic that I feel. Probably a little bit of both.

Two years ago, I started transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It wasn’t a political statement, it was more of a I~don’t~feel~like~bending~over~that~tub~to~wash~that~stuff~out~of~my~hair kinda thing. Or call it lazy. Either way, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. So I quit. Transitioning to natural hair wasn’t a difficult process for me. Yeah, I had mixed textures and there were days when I threw on a headband and called it a day. But, for the most part, I was cool. Then I decided I wanted to wear my hair in a sloppy bun on top of my head.

Dual textured hair doesn’t work well for a sloppy bun, so I bought a relaxer. That was it. No thought. No oh em gee I’m about to undo two year’s worth of work. Just straighten, pin up, and go.

I had fun with my hair but I started to miss my curls. And obsessively pinning natural hairstyles on Pinterest didn’t help at all. So Tuesday evening I pulled all of my hair into a ponytail, grabbed the scissors and chopped. You know what? You never realize how much hair you have until you see it on the floor.

So here I sit with my hair closely cropped, enjoying the feel of baby curls as I run my fingers across my head.

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Easy Twist Out Tutorial {Natural Hair}

I’m doing it again. I’m giving up the Creamy Crack (aka hair relaxer). I know, it seems like I do this every couple of months but this time I’m determined to see it through. Last time I lasted a full year and was completely natural, then I went to my mom’s and the rest is history… As much as I loved being able to control my hair with the relaxer, I was seriously missing my curls.

Easy Braid Out Tutorial {Living Outside the Stacks}

And I started to develop a bad case of hair envy. Have you seen my Pinterest board? I’m obsessed. Check it out here.

I’ve been transitioning for 6 months now and so far my favorite style is a twist out. It allows my relaxed hair and natural hair to blend seamlessly without a lot of manipulation. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 6 months, it’s this: DO NOT OVER STRESS YOUR HAIR. If you work your hair too much, it gets frizzy.

Here’s how I achieved the look in the picture:

  1. Washed and conditioned my hair with Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Towel dried my hair. I know a lot of natural hair bloggers say not to towel dry your hair but I can’t work with sopping wet hair.
  3. I put a deep part on the right side of my head then went over the edges with Shine ‘n Jam conditioning gel.
  4. Then I put a good heaping handful of Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding in my hair. I made sure I covered my hair roots to end.
  5. For the flat twists, I put 4 on the right side, one down the back and 4 on the left side. I rolled each twist with rollers. I sleep with a silk scarf on my head every night to protect my hair.
  6. The next morning, I put a little Africa’s Best Hair Oil on my fingers and then untwisted each braid.
  7. To get my hair really full, I pull each section apart, not all over, just random chunks.

Easy Braid Out Tutorial {Living Outside the Stacks}

This hairstyle will usually last me about a week with little upkeep. If I don’t retwist, my hair will get bigger and the curls will become less defined. If I retwist every night, my hair will look basically the same as it does in the pictures all week.

I don’t know how often I’ll update but I will try to remember to at least take a hair picture or two once a month.

What’s your favorite go to hair style? 


Officially Natural {Natural Hair}

The transition journey came to an end late Wednesday night. I couldn’t take it any more, so I grabbed the scissors and cut off the last few ends of straggly relaxed hair.


Transitioning {Natural Hair}
Over the course of the last year, my hair has gone from straight to curly and a little bit of everything in between. It hasn’t been an easy journey. Goodness knows there’ve been times when I’ve wanted to cry, grab the scissors and chop or return to the creamy crack.

My New Hair

Natural Hair

This is my hair in all of its curly glory. So now begins the process of letting it grow out and learning which products work best in my hair. Currently, I’m doing a wash and air dry with Palmer’s Coconut Milk and Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding for Mixed Textures.


Bad Hair Day + Cute Shoes = Balance?

ThyroidToday was one of them days. I had an appointment with the endocrinologist ~ stupid nonexistent thyroid is making me crazy again. After talking to the doctor, we’ve decided the best course of action is to lower my meds and try to get my thyroid levels under control. But you know what was bothering me more than my thyroid {or lack there of} this morning?

My hair. Yes, y’all, I was having the mother of bad hair Shoesdays today. I couldn’t even focus on the doctor’s questions because I was thinking about the crazy mop that was sitting on my head. I tried a new hair product and was less than pleased with the results. It was so bad that I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture to show you… I did have on some really cute shoes though, so all was not lost.

As soon as my appointment ended, I took my cute shoes, hopped in the car and rushed home to wash my hair. Lesson learned: Do not try something new when you have an appointment don’t have time to  fix your mistakes.


Three {What I Wore Wednesday}

Are You a Shoe Girl?

Please Join Me on Saturday for Shoe Style Saturday!

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So how happy am I this week? Very! Incredibly! Indescribably! Yesterday, I went to the doctor’s for a follow~up visit and found out that I’ve dropped almost 8.5 lbs in 6 weeks. How crazy good is that? A few weeks ago, I saw a totally unflattering picture of myself and was like Whoa, girl, what in the heck happened to you? And I knew immediately that I had to do something and do something quickly. You can see my “reality check” picture by clicking here. So I started doing Zumba again, eating right (really, those Meatless Mondays make a big difference) and limiting my soda intake. This week, I wore a dress I haven’t been able to wear in at least two years and a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in about 3 or 4 years. Yay, me!

What I Wore Sunday

Sunday {What I Wore Wednesday}

I love this dress. It makes me feel like a 1950′s housewife. Throw in the pearls and the peep toe shoes? Stop with yourself! Also, I’m wearing red lipstick, something I almost never do. But I think it kinda fit…

What I Wore Monday

What I Wore Monday {Living Outside the Stacks}

This is my kickin’ back and relax outfit. It’s also my feeling crunchy outfit: peasant top, ripped jeans and thong sandals. I wasn’t sure about the necklace but I really needed something up top to fill in that space, ya know? Normally I would have thrown on a wooden bead necklace that I have, but wouldn’t you know the stupid thing popped and beads went flying all over the place. LOL

The Haircut

The Haircut {Living Outside the Stacks}

I also got a much needed haircut. For the past 9 months, I’ve been transitioning from relaxed {chemically straightened} hair to my naturally curly hair. I’m not completely natural just yet but I’m one haircut closer. My head feels so much lighter.

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