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What I Shot {living outside the stacks}

What I Shot…

It’s been a long time since I’ve just shared a random photo, so I thought I’d dig through my archives and see what I could find… And this guy appeared. My daughter says I have the most random encounters with the weirdest animals – especially squirrels {remember the porch licker?}. […]

Instagram Model aka Dragonfly {living outside the stacks}

Week 23: Instagram Model

Whenever my daughters come for a visit, a dragonfly lands on their truck and stays until they leave. I mean, he’ll fly over to the bushes and hang out on leaf or disappear at points during the day, but at some point, he ends up back on their truck. I’ve […]

March 2018 {living outside the stacks} follow on Instagram @DaenelT

March 2018

You guys, March was so much better than I could have ever imagined! I celebrated my 45th birthday and The Hubs and I found out that we’ve been married 23 years and not 24 {thank you, Facebook}. And, of course, there were the adventures in camping. Seriously, how many bad […]

February 2018 {living outside the stacks} follow on Instagram @DaenelT

February 2018

I don’t have too many complaints about February. In fact, I’d say it was a pretty good month. We had some days warm enough that I was almost convinced that summer had come early. Then I was quickly reminded of the fact that it’s still winter. But, that’s how February […]

January 2018 {living outside the stacks} follow on Instagram @DaenelT

January 2018

I know I complained about January being the longest year ever. That still stands. But let me tell you, there were some fabulous moments in January too. My son came to visit from Missouri, and, y’all, my momma heart was so full. One of these days, I’d love to have […]

Best Nine of 2017 {@daenelt on Instagram or follow my blog at}

2017 Best Nine on Instagram

I’ve heard 2017 described in a variety of ways. Most of them unpleasant, courtesy of the current political and social climate. And, I can’t lie, it hasn’t always been easy. There’ve been times when I’ve wanted to bury my head under the covers and cry because of the heaviness of […]

Book Reviews and Ratings

I’ve been thinking about the way that I review books and I’ve come to the conclusion that my method isn’t really fair. I’m specifically talking about the star ratings. I’ve notice that I tend to give a minimum of 4 stars to every book that I review, even the ones […]