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Pink Cardi Tee Denim Skirt and Oxfords {Living Outside the Stacks}

Share Your Good News {In the Cafe}

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Amber at Section 391 asking if I’d like to join her, Jen  at Librarian for Life and Style, and Shelley at Miss Lady Librarian for  a CHECK US OUT: A back~to~school link up for librarians. Get it? Naturally, I said yes. I mean, how fun […]

Bridge {Living Outside the Stacks}

Weekend Wrap Up {In the Cafe}

Hi, all. This has been a weird two weeks for me. I’ve been sleeping almost nonstop. Last time I did this, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I’m guessing since I’ve had the little bugger removed, that isn’t the issue. Maybe my hormones are off again? Time to schedule an […]

Shoe Style Saturday {Living Outside the Stacks}

Brown Sneakers {Shoe Style Saturday}

Hi! Welcome to my space on the web, I hope you’ll join me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. This picture was taken outside the hotel in Columbia, Missouri where I stayed while at an ebook retreat. The shoes are scuffy ol’ sneaks that I usually only wear when I’m traveling or working around […]

Piano in the Kent Library

Black Bow Flats {Shoe Style Saturday}

Black Bow Flats: Kmart Yesterday ended my first week at the library. While some things are still pretty new, in many ways it feels like I’ve always been there. Don’t you just love when you ease into a new place and instantly feel comfortable? Most of this week was spent […]