Northeast Pennsylvania

Shoe Style Saturday 19 comments
Frances Slocum State Park Dallas, PA I have no idea who those people are in the picture, but I hope they don’t mind that they’re in the shot… For more Wordless Wednesday, check out: Angry Julie Monday Better in Bulk Girl Talk The Mahogany Way Mom Start Resourceful Mommy Slice […]

Wordless Wednesday: Sitting On the Dock of the Bay

KB's Coffee House 3 comments
I’ve lived in the Back Mountain for 13 years now and in that time I’ve started taking the beauty of this place for granted.  This is a small community where everyone pretty much knows everyone and small town values are still upheld. I love that small town feel, especially when […]

Shopping in NEPA: KB’s Coffee House

3 Sisters 1 comment
Last week I was at my favorite coffee shop, KB’s Coffee House, when this woman came inside wearing the most beautiful jewelry. Actually, I had seen her a couple of times before, the last time was at Miss 14’s orthodontist’s office, she was wearing fabulous pieces then too ~ tons […]

Shopping in NEPA: 3 Sisters

People are always asking me about my jewelry, they want to know where I bought it or who made it or if they can get something similar.  I always tell them “Yes!” and then I proceed to tell them exactly where I purchased each piece, how much I paid for […]

Shopping in NEPA: the Bare Accessories