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Happy Fist Bump Friday

Fist Bump Friday {Living Outside the Stacks}

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I like to do a little something called “Fist Bump Friday”, where I encourage my friends to share something that made them happy during the week. Sometimes we get so bogged down with life and the crazy that comes with it that we forget to acknowledge the good things. So I thought it’d be fun if we all shared and celebrated together.

This week I’m happy that my photograph was selected to be in Flickr Explore:

Old Hose {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’ve passed this house on random road trips so many times, wishing that I could stop and take pictures… Maybe creep around inside. But it’s sitting far off a hilly road, behind trees and a fence. I don’t want to get arrested for trespassing. So I did the second best thing: I pulled over on the side of the road, and used my telephoto lens and snapped away. I only stopped to wave a few cars around me. Seriously, it’s nice to have my photography recognized. If you’d like to see the rest of my photos, click here.

So please, share your good news in the comments below. Remember, it doesn’t have to be big or earth shattering. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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What Has Brought You Joy? {Repost from June 2011}

The Girls

My girls are my pride and joy.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the boy too.  I mean, he is my son and all but there’s something about hanging out with my girls that brings me so much joy.  I can say that because I know the boy doesn’t read my blog but the girls do and if they try to tease him with this post, it’ll backfire because I’ve already texted him and told him that he’s my favoriteHe knows the deal

On this particular day, the girls and I had decided to go walking along the Back Mountain Trail, a nice little path that winds through the mountains where we live.  During most of our walk, the girls were waaaay ahead of me, as I kept stopping to take pictures of every.  little.  thing.  that caught my eye.  At one point, I managed to pass them and as I turned around, I caught my daughter jumping off a rock ~ her mouth wide open, arms and legs flailing, it has been years since I’ve seen such unabashed joy on my daughter’s face.

As our children grow up, it can be hard to capture those precious moments when everything is right with the world ~ there are no bills to worry over, no tests to study for, no sickness yet to be diagnosed.  For this moment, forever captured on film, everything is perfect and this brings me joy.

What has brought you joy today?
Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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Dynamite Coffee Bar: Gourmet Coffee in the Heart of Cape

About six months ago, one of my coworkers told me I needed to pay this place called Dynamite Coffee Bar a visit. She knew the owners and was absolutely positive that I’d love the coffee. I made a mental note to check it out as soon as my schedule allowed… A few months went by and I kept passing the shop but couldn’t stop for this or that reason. I know, who doesn’t have time for coffee?

Dynamite Coffee {Living Outside the Stacks}

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I happened to be out running the streets with Miss 20 when I saw the “Open” sign in the window and literally slammed on brakes in the middle of the street. I told my kid we were going in.

I’d heard from several people that I definitely needed to try the Lavender Latte, so that’s what I ordered. Imagine walking into a spa, slipping into a bath of warm lavender scented water, and sipping a cup of creamy coffee. That’s what a Lavender Latte tastes like. Seriously, it’s relaxation in a cup.

Robbie and his wife, Katie, started Dynamite Coffee Bar with the goal of providing sustainable coffee in an inviting atmosphere. They began the coffee bar in a little red trailer that they set up outside West Side Mall. And with hard work, a loyal customer base, and great customer service, they were able to move to a beautiful brick and mortar location at 206 Independence Street, conveniently located off the Riverfront.

Dynamite Coffee {Living Outside the Stacks}

Watching these two work together is like watching a well coordinated dance. Just fun… 

Coffee Art {Living Outside the Stacks}

While I was there, Robbie demonstrated his coffee art technique. He’s an award~winning nationally recognized barista! So very cool. He explained to me that there’s a science behind the art ~ temperature and texture play big roles. Honestly, you can hear the passion in his voice for his craft. Robbie encourages customers to not only stick with their favorite beverage but branch out and try something new.

They offer seasonal flavors developed by them and inspired by his love for great beans and her interest in cooking. If you’re not sure what to try, they’re willing to offer suggestions based on what you like.

Katie and Robbie  {Living Outside the Stacks}_1

Katie and Robbie have created a warm and inviting environment where people can either sit inside and enjoy fun conversation or sit outside and soak in the sights and sounds of downtown Cape. Dynamite Coffee Bar really is a place where you can just go and relax with friends.

You can find Dynamite Coffee Bar on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re ever in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, please stop by and say “Hi” to Katie and Robbie. And don’t forget to give the Lavender Latte a try.

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this post, I’m just a very big fan of buying local and supporting small businesses. And, oh em gee, the coffee is amazing!

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