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Old Navy Dress Over Jeans with Sseko Sandals and Sloan and Themis Earrings{Living Outside the Stacks}

Feeling Flirty Over Forty

You guys, this is it! My last week of freedom before I start working again. I can’t lie, I’m both excited and nervous. I’m excited because, well, new place and new co-workers. And I’m nervous because new place and new co-workers. Make sense? Oh, I guess I should tell you […]

The Big Chop {Living Outside the Stacks}

The Big Chop

I finally did it! I chopped off my hair and am now 100% natural! I’d been transitioning {going without a chemical hair straightener for almost a year} and was getting fairly bored with my hair and frustrated with the dual textures. In fact, I got so frustrated that I shaved […]