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Coffee Talk {In the Cafe}

Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}

Hi, and welcome to Coffee Talk. In case you’re new here, this is where I share some of the great and not~so~great stuff that I find on the web. Topics range from news stories that leave me scratchin’ my head to DIYs that I think are absolutely clever. And, who knows, there may even be a recipe thrown in here or there just for fun.

So grab a cup of coffee {or tea or whatever floats your boat} and let’s talk…

1. What is going on with kids today? And why are their parents supporting/defending/protecting them? I’m speaking specifically about the teen who shot and killed a baby after attempting to rob his mother and the three teen boys who beat up another boy on a school bus… Parents, if your kids are robbing people, selling drugs, or murdering innocent babies, they are not “good boys”, they are thugs who need to accept responsibility for their behavior. And accepting responsibility begins at home with you, the parents, being parents and disciplining your kids. Why, why, why are these parents on television defending the indefensible? I understand loving your kids unconditionally but that doesn’t mean that you condone their behavior.

2. And while I’m talking about defending the indefensible, when will we as a nation start to put our words into action and take a tougher stance against pedophiles and child molesters? District Judge G. Todd Baugh please pay attention to that name and if you live in Montana, do whatever you can to have him removed from the bench sentenced former teacher Stacey Dean Rambold remember his name and make sure he never gets another job to 30 days in jail after he was convicted of raping a 14~year~old girl who later took her life. Anyone who rapes, molests, or hurts a child should be put in prison with the general population. These people should never see the light of day. And for a judge, who is charged with seeing that justice is served, to give this guy a slap on the wrist for raping a child… He deserves to be removed from the bench and have his pension removed. He is not upholding the law, he’s condoning criminal behavior. There’s something fundamentally wrong with him and anyone who looks at a child and sees them as sexual beings.

3. Do you agree with the U.S. taking action in Syria? I’m kinda iffy on this one. President Assad is accused of gassing his own people last week as part of a brutal campaign to remain in power. While I see this as a humanitarian issue, I don’t understand how this directly impacts the U.S. And I don’t think that we have the I don’t know the right word to enter into another conflict. Lastly, if we’re just doing this as a police action/humanitarian step in, how come we stood by and did nothing while Africans were being slaughtered, raped, maimed, etc during their civil war? How do we determine who deserves to be saved?

What had you scratchin’ your head this past week?

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Coffee Talk {In the Cafe}

Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}Hi, if you’re a regular reader you know that on Fridays I write a little post that I like to call “Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head”. It’s all about the crazy stuff that  I’ve read on the web or heard about on TV during the week. After writing that post for a year, I’ve learned one thing: there is a never ending stream of bizarre among the human race. And I love us for that.

With the new year I’ve decided to do a little revamping of these posts. The only things I’ve changed are the title and the picture. I like to think of these posts as if they’re conversations you and I would have over coffee. So I hope you’ll continue to join me each Friday for a cuppa and some head scratchin’…

1. Rape isn’t funny. And those who commit it, regardless of their age or athletic ability should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This past week a young lady who was gang raped in India died from her injuries. In Ohio an underaged girl was raped by members of a football team who videotaped the incident and then texted and tweeted about the incident. Reportedly members of the football boosters and others in the town helped to cover up the incident to protect the reputations of the football players. This is why Penn State happened. Stop giving athletes carte blanche to be jerks. Social media activists, the victims parents, and Anonymous are collecting information to help prosecute the rapists. I applaud them and the others who’re helping to bring this young lady’s rapists to justice.

2. I didn’t watch CNN’s New Year’s Eve show. I never watch it. And I’m glad I didn’t as it seems the big drop was Kathy Griffin falling to her knees and kissing Anderson Cooper’s crotch. Seriously. I don’t know who keeps telling her that she’s funny, she’s not. I don’t know who keeps telling her that she’s edgy, she’s not. I don’t know who keeps putting her on television, stop! This is one of  the reasons teens don’t appreciate the intimacy of sex.

3. When I was a kid I suffered from the ugly trifecta: thick glasses, braces, and freckles. I remember when I was about 15 years old a guy actually said to me “Someday you’re going to be irresistible.” I wanted to throat punch him. After nearly 5 years in braces and promises of all sorts of good things, my parents bought me contact lenses and I came into my own. But those braces were hard. And they hurt. That’s why I find it so mind boggling that there are people who’re wearing fake braces. Apparently, fake braces are all the rage in Asia and kids are dying from them. Black market braces I can’t believe I just typed that cost about $100 and can contain lead. Some teens are even putting them on themselves and then choking on the pieces when they come lose and slide down their throats. Hey, teens, you know what’s really cool and fashionable? Sending me your $100!

4. Another college student has nearly died because of hazing. deep sigh How many stories are we going to read like this before students get it through their heads that being whipped with a paddle, drinking as much alcohol as quickly as possible, or any of the other stupid stuff they do is not the way to acceptance? Of course, the parents are planning to sue the school because they didn’t watch their kid close enough; but my question is, Mom and Dad, what’re you planning to do to your kid? When are parents going to make their kids take a little responsibility for the dumb things they do? Theoretically, your kid is an adult meaning they’re supposed to be making smart decisions, and on some level they have to know that hurting themselves to join a sorority or a fraternity is ridiculous.

So what had you scratchin’ your head this week?


Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}

1. Hey, you’re reading this, so that means we’re still here. And the reason we’re still here is that the world is never going to end! Stop listening to those idiots who keep predicting that the world is doomed. It’s not. They know nothing! Need I remind you of Y2K?

2. I’m going to have to ask the powers that be to pass a law that males are not allowed to make any judgments regarding rape because when they do they say the dumbest things. A Southern California judge reprimanded a woman for not fighting back hard enough against her rapist. The judge went on to say “I’m not a gynecologist, but I can tell you something: If someone doesn’t want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down.” blank stare He said this to a woman whose ex~boyfriend threatened to mutilate her face and genitals with a heated screwdriver and beat her with a metal baton before he raped her. I think before men can have any say on women’s reproductive health, they should have to take and pass a biology course. There should also be ongoing sensitivity training. I don’t want to paint all men with a broad stroke, but are they really that clueless about how women’s bodies work?

And one more thing when a woman says “No” and a man has intercourse with her anyway, it is rape. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it, NO MEANS NO!

3. Trendy Tops are stupid. It’s a tub top, y’all. If your shirt is too small or your jeans show too much, buy a size that fits. Or buy a camisole or a tank, you know you can get a handful of them at the dollar store for like $5, right?

4. If I could have any cosmetic surgery it would be a tummy tuck. The reason I haven’t had it done is because it’s expensive to have a legitimate doctor perform the surgery in a surgerical center. And that’s the only way I would have the surgery performed because that is the right way to do it. However, there are some women who think taking the cheap way out is the way to go. A woman in Queens was arrested for giving another woman a “faulty butt injection”. The faux surgeon was arrested and charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and unauthorized practice of a profession. I just wanna know what charges are the “victim” facing? Didn’t she know she wasn’t seeing a doctor when she went to the woman’s home for the surgery? How about a little personal responsibility? If you’re dumb enough to have an unlicensed person do something to your body, shouldn’t you just have to deal with the results?

What had you scratchin’ your head this week?

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