Sloan and Themis {Living Outside the Stacks} 6 comments
Sometimes my real and online worlds collide and it’s a fabulous thing. That’s what happened last Saturday. My worlds collided and it was all kinds of cool… On Saturdays, The Hubs and I have a routine that involves breakfast, running errands, and wandering the streets of downtown Cape Girardeau. We […]

Sloan + Themis: Vintage and Repurposed Jewelry

Annie Laurie's Antiques {Living Outside the Stacks} 4 comments
Recently, I attended a presentation called “The Psychology of Now… In Retail and Fashion” by Lynn R. Moore. During the presentation, Lynn talked about current trends in retail and how people have shifted their thought from “I must have new” to “How can I reuse and/or recycle?” She talked about […]

Annie Laurie’s Antiques {Getting to Know Missouri}