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Transitioning {Natural Hair}

Officially Natural {Natural Hair}

The transition journey came to an end late Wednesday night. I couldn’t take it any more, so I grabbed the scissors and cut off the last few ends of straggly relaxed hair. Transitioning Over the course of the last year, my hair has gone from straight to curly and a […]

Natural Hair

That Hair Thang {Vlog}

Just a quick vlog to answer some questions that I’ve received about my hair, transitioning and the attitude of black women towards their hair. This is my hair, 9 months into the transition stage. From the roots to where the reddish brown begins is all new growth (hair that hasn’t […]

I Did the Big Chop…Kinda~Sorta

I started transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair in July of last year.  I am totally enjoying the freedom and liberty that comes with natural hair.  Last week, I cut the last bit of relaxed hair off (I was so incredibly frustrated and tired of dealing with dual textured […]

My Hair Mantra: Fluff and Go

It’s been eight months since my journey from relaxed to natural hair began and I am still going strong. I’ve resisted the urge to relapse and I haven’t scalped myself either so I’m pretty happy. I also posted pictures on flickr. Of course, I’m having a fabulous hair day so […]

Hair Ties

For twelve years I was addicted to the “creamy crack” ~ it made my hair so soft and manageable, swingy and straight, absolutely beautiful. I loved the flexibility that relaxing offered ~ I could wear it straight, curly, in a bob or pulled into a sleek chignon with little jewels […]