Thirty~Three {What I Wore Wednesday}

I have a problem. First step crossed. I totally dig thrifting. Second step conquered. I don’t want to stop. Third step failed. I so enjoy taking my $21 that’s my limit and  going into the thrift shop and coming out with 7 skirts. Yep, it’s always skirts. Well, except last week when I found the cutest sweater that I cannot wait to show you next week. Anyway, skirts were never a part of my wardrobe until I started hitting the thrift stores, now I can’t get enough. And they’re all so fashionable. I mean they are really trendy pieces, yet oh~so~classic. I don’t know why whoever is getting rid of these skirts is but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

I felt so girly in this outfit. I’ve never really been a tweed girl but when I saw this skirt I simply had to have it. I like it with the cream turtle neck, but I think I could wear it with just about any color sweater and it’d work. Add a denim jacket and it’d be all kinds of funky.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

The one accessory I’m still trying to get used to wearing is a belt. When I look in the mirror, I feel like it’s not doing much for me but when I see myself in pictures, I can see the waist definition. And that’s where I need the most help.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

Can you believe I found that skirt at Goodwill? How cute is it? That bottom ruffle is everything, right? And those tights are from Dollar General! They’re actually sweater leggings.  So warm and cozy.

What I Wore Sunday {Living Outside the Stacks}

What have you added to your wardrobe this year that you never thought you’d wear?

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