What I Wore {In the Closet}

Blue Scarf, Black Tunic, and Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

Yesterday was one of them days. You know the one you want to hurry up and end so you can go home, get into your comfy cozies, drink coffee and watch mind numbing nonsense like The Sisterhood. I honestly don’t know what was wrong with me. I kept forgetting how to do the simplest of things. My coworkers chalked up to my having been out with the flu for 10 days, I think I just needed a big ol’ cosmic do over.

Blue Scarf, Black Tunic, and Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

Maybe I should’ve taken a cue from my outfit and played artist for the day. If it hadn’t been so cold outside I would’ve taken my camera on gone on a photo walk during my lunch. I really needed to take some time to collect myself.

Blue Scarf, Black Tunic, and Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

I think this outfit reflects my personality, it’s relaxed and easy going but intricate in its detail. Or maybe I’m just over thinking everything because I’m all caught up in my own feelings. I don’t know. It’s one of those days so that makes it one of those posts…

How do you deal when you just want to hole up with a cup of coffee and not too much else?

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  • lawyerdoll

    This is such an elegant casual look, I adore the embroidery on the otherwise simple tunic!

    • Thank you. It’s one of my favorite tunics for that very reason. Now I wish I’d picked up a few more in different colors before the store closed.

  • Create Hope Inspire: Miriam

    it’s gorgeous there are definitely days to play the artist! Thanks for being a wardrobe Weds player this week.

    • Thank you, Miriam, for hosting again. I need to go back so I can visit everyone (hard part about my schedule).

  • Reggie

    I’m gonna have to be honest with you. I’ve never wanted to run home, get into comfy cozies, drink coffee and watch mind numbing nonsense like The Sisterhood. I don’t even know what The Sisterhood is…………..but, I like running home and watching ESPN.
    ….so I feel you DaenelT.

    • LOL The Sisterhood is a reality show about preacher’s wives. It’s a hot mess! But I can’t stop watching…

  • Antionette Blake

    Looking good sis – nice to see you outside of Instagram – fist bump!

    • *fist bump* Yes, girl, thank you for stopping by!

  • chandra

    Hope you feel more like yourself soon! Sometimes when I get in these moods I just start writing and try to change my attitude to gratitude. Somehow jotting down things I am grateful for or made me happy seems to help and give me a little more motivation. Love the tunic by the way…I think this outfit is YOU:)

    • Thank you, Chandra. I just think it’s the gloomy weather, you know? It’s so cold and the sun goes down before I leave for the day. I need some SUN!!!! 🙂

  • Shon

    I could use a cup of coffee myself. Long time no see and looking great as ever. I hope you feel 100% soon.

    • *passing you a cup* Thank you. How’re things out your way?

  • Nellie

    I’ve been feeling like that all week! Took every last ounce for me to get up and go to work this morning. Trying to snap out of it.

    • I wonder if it’s the weather or what? I’m just not, you know, cool. But we know it will get better. Spring is coming, the sun will shine and birds will sing.

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