Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Three Thanksgiving Traditions I’m Sharing with My Children

TwitterMoms and Target wants to know what three Thanksgiving traditions I’ll be passing on to my children. If you’d like to participate in the contest for the chance to win a $50 Target gift card, just go here.

Thanksgiving is a big deal around our house, it’s the one time the family gathers together and puts aside the craziness of the past year to enjoy some good food, great conversation and fun family traditions. My family loves to eat so naturally our biggest family traditions center around food.

We usually start the celebrations a week early with me baking loaves of Orange Cranberry Tea Loaf and Banana Nut Bread. This fills the air with warm, comfy smells that usher in the autumn season. Every year, the kids settle in around the kitchen table and regale me with stories of their school day, while eagerly awaiting the spoons. Ok, I know they shouldn’t lick the spoons with the raw dough but, omg, it’s soooo delish… Now my children are old enough to join in the fun and they’ve already started asking me when we’re going to get started baking. Soon, babies, I promise!

The baking continues until the day before Thanksgiving (this way all the dessert is finished ahead of time, afterall, that is the most importan part of the meal, right?), that’s when we get down to some serious cooking. Every year, my family likes to add something new to the Thanksgiving meal. One year, we had an orange glazed turkey; this year, it’s going to be fried turkey. The fun part is that we never know how things are going to turn out and no matter how they do turn out, we have fun experimenting. Are y’all ready for the turkey frying?

On Thanksgiving day, the family gathers around the table, clasps hands and thanks Our Heavenly Father for all that He has given to us. Then, while still holding hands, everyone takes turns telling what they are most thankful for. The gratitude list covers everything from the silly – “I’m thankful for my braces” – to the sentimental – “I’m thankful for my family.” Hmmm, I wonder what will top the lists this year?

So I guess it’s fair to say that the three Thanksgiving traditions that I have passed on to my children are:

1. A love for good food and the fun that can come from experimentation
2. The excitement that comes from family gatherings
3. An appreciation for the many gifts from Heaven, be they big or small

What traditions do you plan to hand down to your children? Are they culinary? Does your family veg in front of the tv? How about boys vs girls touch football? Don’t be shy, share with me…

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