Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Tucker Family Secret

The entry way to our house is a dump. Literally. Everyone drops their stuff on the floor and just keeps going to their bedrooms, the kitchen or the family room. No one bothers to clean up in there because we’re just passing through. When we have company, I hurridly usher them through the entry way and up the stairs, hoping that they’ll forget the mess they’ve just encountered by the time they hit the last step.

But I’ve finally had enough. I can’t deal any more! There’s a mattress in there now. Who’s sleeping in there? Last time I checked everyone had a bedroom and we’re not planning to bring anymore kids into the house (I’m trying desperately to get rid of kids).
So once again, I’m taking cues from some of my favorite HGTV programming – Design on a Dime and Design Remix (that channel’s gonna be the death of me) and redecorating on a budget. I’ll be repurposing furniture, accessories and other items from around the house. I’m pretty excited and hope to have the room finished before my family gets home from work/school tomorrow. Furthermore, I’m doing everything on a budget – less than $200 (sorry I don’t have a “dime” unless HGTV is willing to help a sista out).
Of course, I’ll post the finished product here to share with all my friends…

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