Visit to St. Louis {About Me}

When the kids were little, the hubs and I figured out a work around for the dreaded travel questions. You know the ones: Where we going? How long are we staying? Are we there yet? We simply quit giving the kids advanced notice about trips. Instead, we’d wait until a few minutes before we ready to go and then we’d tell them to go get in the car. We once took them from Pennsylvania to Mississippi using this method. I’m telling you this is the secret!

Anyway, the hubs and I decided to go old school and whisk the kids away for a day trip. So, Saturday morning we told them to get in the car without telling them where we were going. Actually, we had to give them a bit of a heads up that we were planning a trip because they’re teenagers now and they tend to make their own plans and live their own lives. Anyway, they cleared their schedules for us and we kept them in suspense until 10 minutes into our trip to ST. LOUIS!

St Louis {Living Outside the Stacks}
We didn’t go up in the Arch because I’m afraid of heights and tight spaces the line was too long. So we walked around and visited some of the other sights…

St Louis {Living Outside the Stacks}

The Old Cathedral is absolutely beautiful. It kinda reminded me of the churches in Italy… We didn’t stay too long as they were preparing for Resurrection Sunday services.

St Louis {Living Outside the Stacks}

The ceiling in the Old Court House where the Dred Scott case was tried. I had to bend almost in half to take this picture but it was soooo worth it.

St Louis {Living Outside the Stacks}

We didn’t ride in the carriage but I did touch the horse. With one finger.

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How did you spend your weekend?


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