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Black Sheath Dress Gray Stockings and Black Oxfords {living outside the stacks} #librarianwardrobe #fashionoverforty #ootd

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Happy Wednesday! I hope you guys are having a great week so far. I’m just now getting up and around; I’ve been in the bed sick with the flu for the last 12 days. Honest to goodness, I’ve never felt like that before, so if you haven’t gotten your flu shot DO IT!!

Black Sheath Dress Gray Stockings and Black Oxfords {living outside the stacks} #librarianwardrobe #fashionoverforty #ootd

So, about this dress… I saw it on Zulily and fell in love. I think because it’s just quirky and fun. Honestly, I don’t know who this lady is supposed to be, but I think she looks kind of a like a librarian.  And since I’m a librarian… Hey, maybe that’s why I liked this dress? And, come on, red shoes? How could I not? ALSO IT HAS POCKETS!!!!!!

Black Sheath Dress Gray Stockings and Black Oxfords {living outside the stacks} #librarianwardrobe #fashionoverforty #ootd

Because the print on this dress is so THERE, I decided to go minimal with the jewelry, makeup, and hair. A simple bun like the one in the dress and red lips to mimic the shoes. And silver stud earrings, because my mom used to tell me to never leave home without my earrings.

Black Sheath Dress Gray Stockings and Black Oxfords {living outside the stacks} #librarianwardrobe #fashionoverforty #ootd

I wore these funky gray tights with heeled oxfords for practical reasons: the library is cold and I do a lot of walking. And, OK, there’s something about a dress with oxfords that just gets my heart all pitter pattery.

Black Sheath Dress Gray Stockings and Black Oxfords {living outside the stacks} #librarianwardrobe #fashionoverforty #ootd

Dress ~ Zulily | Tights ~ Target | Oxfords ~ Kmart

You can see also see this dress on my Pinterest board. Even though this was sold as a dress, I would also wear it as a tunic with a pair of black or plaid pants. Do you mix things up or do you wear them strictly as sold? Hindsight being 20/20, I wish I’d bought the dress a size smaller because it lost some of its shape in the size. As for the shoes, they’re incredibly comfortable. I was a little bit hesitant because, well, Kmart and not leather but the cushion in them is incredible. In fact, they’re so comfortable that I’d buy a second pair in brown if they had them. I’ve worn them with pants and socks too. You can see that look here.

Do you have anything in your closet that’s just plain weird but you had to have it anyway?

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Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}

  • Oh I hope you feel better quickly! I love that dress and the tight pattern is such a cute detail!


  • Oh no the flu! Hope you’re back to feeling good soon. Your dress is just darling and you look so cute in your tights and oxfords!

    pumps and push-ups

  • the cape on the corner

    adorable! is that collar part of the dress? i love that you’re a librarian, i consider myself a library advocate and proud supporter. i even bought a shirt that says “save the local library” when they were selling as a drive at my local branch.

  • Karen

    I just found your blog and have looked back over past posts and really enjoy it! The dress is very cool! Love the red shoes, and how you accessorized to go with the whole thing, it’s just a really fun look! It’s so unexpected that I’ll bet you get a ton of compliments! I got a dress/tunic a few years ago that I just had to have, even though it was kind of confusing. At the time it was just starting to be the thing to do to wear a dress with leggings, and I got a lot of stares even though I liked the look. I tried it with jeans and completely ruined the look and had to change! I look at it in the closet now and wonder why I loved it so much, but I give it a spin a couple times a year and have fun with it! Love the oxfords and tights with the dress. I’m another one who loves oxfords with dresses, especially if they have heels!